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Hello. Some info today
online: now and then
requests and comissions: Feel free to send requests... i need something to draw.

feel free to check out my art.


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hugs xx

Comments and constructive critism are highly appreciated:)
love you guys. <3

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July 29, 2008, 7:13 a.m.
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Hey, I'm Tuva, a normal and boring (well, not really) girl from Norway.
uhmm. what to write???
well, i'm a drawing kind of girl cause i draw all the time. no ending there XD
i love animals, but i ain't allowed to have them in my apartment:(
ah... what the heck, don't know what to write

well, my story here starts the 28th of December 2005. But it goes waay back to when i was browsing around in the internet at my dad's place when i suddenly stumbled into a page full of the beautiful art of sarafina and niikato. After i while i forgot the whole page thing and it simply passed away. then one day i did some searching and whoops... i stumbled into this page, and i decided to join after a couple of days. that's how i found this site.

anyways... wanna see my other art you can go to:

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