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Location Pacific Northwest, near some volcanoes and a pretty river
Occupation wanna-be anthropologist, neutered rock-hound and fossil hunter, hack writer, mediocre artist, part-time poet, full-time drug and alcohol counselor =)
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"ok, lessee...lion king includes premeditated murder and attempted murder, child abuse, psychosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, lies and deception, violence against females, heavy petting, ecological devastation, treason, bloody vengeance, death and possible dismemberment...and i haven't even gotten to SP yet...

yeah, it's definitely a kid's film..."


Sept. 8, 2016
I will never forget you :'(

July 24, 2016
Rest in peace, FireLemming. Your artwork is absolutely amazing and I'm sure your art inspired a lot people.

April 28, 2014
Fire, I never knew you/contacted you when I first joined the site, but feel the need to say; your work, is absolutely awesome, I hope you're happy x Rest in peace

Aug. 2, 2013
It's coming up on 3 years now. Time really does fly by. I still miss you, you will always have a place here and your story will stay alive forever.

All my love.

Aug. 2, 2013
I didn't know! I'm sorry I never commented. Your art is still beautiful. It will live on. I hope there is always Happy Hunting wherever you are.

July 7, 2013
Sukala A.P.
Rest in peace, Firelemming. I loved your art. You were a such great artist. :' )

March 11, 2013
I really miss you FL :(

Feb. 14, 2013
I still miss you, my dear friend.

Dec. 15, 2012

Dec. 13, 2012
Luck Maith Fire Lemming May Your Souls Be Free

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