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Hello eveyone <3
Im pretty slow these days with trades,
and uploading anything.
For this im sorry.
But im trying to get back in the groove,
and i WILL come out of the huge art block

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Hello everone :D id first like to say i dont have the pericings that are shown in my pic right here ^ . i photoshoped it to see what it would look like. ANYWAYS, im a horrible procrastinator, and speller -.- its pretty horrible. ANYWAY.... i love the lion king. i think i joined here in grade 5...and im in grade 9 now so iv been here for 4 years. iv changed my name affew times. and i know,for someone whos been here for 4 years my gallery is horrible. im trying to get serious and get downd and draw the canon characters and do some trades. im behind in many of them :( anyways guys im a really nice person and i adore new fans and friends and i can talk for hours if u can get me engaged in a conversation. i do use my msn alot,and if u have questions or just want to chat please feel free to ad my e-mail,just please remember to tell me who u are and where i know u from XD also guys i have a deviant art account. my user name is XxRissiKissesxX. ohh another thing, Rissi is just my nick name that i love to pieces,but my real name is Larissa. so i hope u guys enjoy my art and i hope to meet alot of you :D
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