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Hello eveyone <3
Im pretty slow these days with trades,
and uploading anything.
For this im sorry.
But im trying to get back in the groove,
and i WILL come out of the huge art block

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Hello everone :D id first like to say i dont have the pericings that are shown in my pic right here ^ . i photoshoped it to see what it would look like. ANYWAYS, im a horrible procrastinator, and speller -.- its pretty horrible. ANYWAY.... i love the lion king. i think i joined here in grade 5...and im in grade 9 now so iv been here for 4 years. iv changed my name affew times. and i know,for someone whos been here for 4 years my gallery is horrible. im trying to get serious and get downd and draw the canon characters and do some trades. im behind in many of them :( anyways guys im a really nice person and i adore new fans and friends and i can talk for hours if u can get me engaged in a conversation. i do use my msn alot,and if u have questions or just want to chat please feel free to ad my e-mail,just please remember to tell me who u are and where i know u from XD also guys i have a deviant art account. my user name is XxRissiKissesxX. ohh another thing, Rissi is just my nick name that i love to pieces,but my real name is Larissa. so i hope u guys enjoy my art and i hope to meet alot of you :D

05:50 Sun 12/12/2010
Hey i saw your bulletin, that you wanted some tutorials, if your search "choii" shes got some ink and colouring tutorials but if you go onto "" and type in photoshp tutorials there are tons on there :)

hope this helps :)

12:18 Thu 11/25/2010
i love your gallery and saw you like scar from the lion king to hes great i know >:D anyway just draw the adoptable you want and ill chooose who wins :D well you have a new fan because your arts amazing!

23:21 Sat 10/2/2010
Trade with me? draw my character dzu Realy mad and gowling, his ref is 4th pic in my gallary first page thanks sooo much XD

07:09 Wed 8/18/2010
Hey there. i see you wanted to adopt one of my fursona's.....Nero has been up on the TT for ages so im giving him to you :) i hope to see him around your gallery soon :3 Have fun and i faved you :)

13:27 Sun 6/6/2010
If you are still doing Character requests, can you create me a fursona? I'm a girl, white, blonde hair, blue eyes. Im quiet when scared, loud when i'm happy. Most always follow the rules.
Edit- thanks! you can send it to my art trades/requests

08:37 Fri 6/4/2010
hey there ^_^ if your still doing character requests could you do me one please :) emoish girl with a tie or somthing like that :)

18:12 Fri 5/28/2010
hi! nice gallery! im a bit busy for a trade, but can you draw me a picture of my fursona, playing with her friend bauble?

thanks so much! 8D

09:55 Fri 5/28/2010
can you draw a pic for me?
edit: A pic of my charas ZeZe and
naomi... do you want reffs?

07:23 Fri 5/28/2010
Hey there!
you got a great gallery going on here.
I can see that you're trying out alot of different styles and poses, and that's good! =)
I recommend that you study some real lion pictures, that will help alot on your way for improvement. Also you will discover your own style more easily that way.

Keep up the good work! I would love to hear from ya ;)

17:55 Fri 5/21/2010
Your art is really good. If you're up for an art trade would you like to do one with me please?

Edit: Could you try Marluxia lionized for me with my fursona?

Mar: Ignore the scratches. His tail tuft is the same as his mane and his back paws are the same as his front.


Thank you :) And what would you like?

Edit II: I can do that for you. He sounds cool. What does Danube look like? Trying to find him on your gallery.

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