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<i>Hi everybody, FTS here with a brand new Artist Comment which no-one else will ever care about or want to read. But hey, I want to give people something to do when they come to my page :)</i>


<b>About Me:</b> I live in Northern Ireland and yes, I do have an awesome accent. I've just turned 18, but I've loved the Lion King ever since it was released.

I'm not really into much else except maybe going to the cinema with my mate Ryan, but other than that I'm a pretty laid back person. I write a lot and draw a lot, occasionally things that aren't TLK related XD

I feel like a lot of people here are under appreciated for their work, but I suppose there is nothing I can really don about it. However, if you look down a little bit, you'll see a really neat idea someone has had. Explained further down ^^.
Now, onto the important-ish stuff.

<b>Art Trades:-</b> [Open]

<b>Commissions/Requests:-</b> [Open]

<b>Art Trades:-</b> Mufasa12 [Finished]

<b>-</b>crazy_feline [Finished]

- Lightning Strikes Twice [In Progress]

- Takura [Not Requested Yet]
I heard someone on this site mention that it would be nice to comment on at least ten pictures a day and I thought it was a brilliant idea, so I'm one hundred percent behind it. It's not as hard as I thought it would be ^^


So yeah, this is everything you guys should know about me so far. Drop me a comment just to say hello if you want, and I'll be happy to say hi back :)

EDIT: Wow, some people can be really nasty on here o_O. Not to me personally, but I just saw someone comment on another persons work, with what was basically an insult. Not towards the art, but the person themselves.

Geez, whatever happened to the friendly atmosphere in this place?

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Joined Mar 4, 2009
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Well, my online name is Fear-The-Spork, or fear for short, while my real life name is Chloe. I'm a nineteen year old student from Northern Ireland and in my very limited spare time I enjoy letting off some steam and drawing a little TLK art for the site.

I'm currently designing a large amount of tattoos along with several commissions from another site. Although my gallery may not seem amazing, most of the pictures are from way back in '08 and '09 when I failed at most things I did.

But, since I plan on uploading stuff here again, perhaps I'll get some more commissions coming in from people!

Even if you aren't looking for anything from me, please just drop into the comments section and say hi, because it makes my day sometimes ^_^

13:38 Mon 6/9/2014
Haaappy birthday :D

14:13 Thu 6/9/2011
Hiya Fear-The-Spork! You have birthday today, right? Happy Birthday!! ^^

14:52 Mon 12/13/2010
I'll do an art trade with ya <3 been in the mood for some =)

Edit: Awesome for me can you draw...hmmmm
How about my character Shui? I haven't had really anyone draw him yet and I'd love to see some pictures of him =)


20:21 Sat 12/11/2010
Lightning Strikes Twice
i'll do a canon trade, you could do say scar tryoing to woo Sarabi and you could tell me what you want. I always like to trade.

10:22 Sun 12/5/2010
Hey, maybe want an Art trade?

04:39 Sat 12/4/2010
Hi :)
You have a wonderful pics. I would like to trade with you. What do you think? :D

Great :D
Could you draw my second fursona Nella and her mate Akito ?

And what I can draw for you? :)

07:50 Wed 12/1/2010
Hey! You wanna do an art trade sometime soon? I'mma a new artist, well new TLKFAA artist and long time/full time artist, and I want something else to draw besides my characters. (: Please?

EDIT: Sure! I can do that easy as slicing a melted-butter pie. Yuck. haha And, if you could make me an emo-styled kind of lioness, that'd be great! I need some more of them, 'cause I'm making a pride of goths and emos, just 'cause I'mma make a comic about them later. Making a new species, ya know. (: It'd be amazing if you could do that for me! Thanks!

04:24 Wed 12/23/2009
OMG the spork is legendary here in NZ!! Oh yeah and I love your art lol ^v^ Long live Belfast?!!!

01:08 Fri 3/6/2009
Say, you're pretty good for a new artist. Welcome!

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