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<p>I am now taking digital art commissions. :D At the moment, I only accept payments by PayPal.

<p><a href="">Here's a basic list of prices</a>

<p>For more information, email me at


**I'm deleting the pictures in my art trades section that don't consist of my characters. These consist of Thank Yous, Holiday Greetings, and... other things. I'm sorry, I know that you guys did those pictures to be nice and generous, but I see them as ways of getting attention, and art trade sections really should be used for doing actual art trades/requests/gifts of other original characters.

<p><b><u>Activity</u></b>: I'm not going to be very active like I've been a long time ago. I'm more active on my DA archive. If you would like to see my off-topic art, go to <a href=""></a>;

<p><b><u>Rules on Trades & Requests</u></b>: I usually do not do art trades unless I'm the one asking. However, if you ask and I accept, <i>you</i> must do your half first. I <b>don't</b> take requests, so please don't ask about them.

<p align="center"><u>Current Trades</u>

<p align="center"><b>None</b>

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<p align="center"><b>Thank you for your votes!</b>

<p align="center">Oh, you want to see some of my old artwork? <a href="">Visit my old gallery</a> (*cringes*)


<font size="1">Icons of Fanta by Astrocat and Miaor(Or was it Shayde? lol)! *huggles*</font></font>

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Well hello!

My original name is Karla, and I am currently a freelance musician. That having been said, I only do art as a hobby or past-time.

My user-name here is Fanta. It's short for Fantasia, but everyone seems to think I've named myself after the soda...

I'm not much of a talker, so forgive me if I give you little to no response. If you have anything you would like to ask me, feel free to ask.

I don't mind if you use my art for whatever reason you desire, but please get my permission first. Oh, and please do not edit my work or claim it as your own. I put a lot of work into my pictures and I do not appreciate having them plagiarized.

Have a nice day. :)

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