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Hello! :D
I hope you guys enjoy my art :D
Trades and Requests are open :D
And Dont worry, I dont bite.
If you wanna chat then by all means,
Send me a comment :D

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Picture is of me And my Boyfriend <3

contact me through comments or e-mail. Hope you guys enjoy my art :)

03:21 Sat 5/21/2011
Phinia Black
hi ya :D
i have seen - u have open trades now? i wanna do fursona pic trade if ya want

btw *faves*

EDIT: lol yeah, it means... u have no sona? xD sounds inconceivably for me xD

so what shall we do? xD

huhhh okay ^^ but i dunno if it will be as that cute xD fff im too bussy now (school -.-") so i ll do it later, i hope it´s not problem for you...

02:20 Sat 5/21/2011
Sadie J
Your profiles of the pridelanders are really good! :D
We can do a trade but for my half I could design you a fursona? If you tell me some things about how you want it to look I can draw and color it on photoshop.

EDIT: Sick! What about accessories? Anything specific? What I have sketched so far is a female with an outlander-ish face, emoish brown/black hair that has long bangs on one side. How do you feel about stripes? I also put a monroe piercing since you have one. :)

And for me, how about you design me a random character, it'll give you some practice with designs as well. :D

12:35 Wed 5/18/2011
Hello, i have a request please :3 may u please draw my character Pearl,and she is standing and this guy Zazu from tlk2 and tlk1 is on her head? Thank u! here is pearl: and here is zazu from tlk1 and 2 : Thanks! any complications just ask.

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