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Welcome to my gallery <3

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Busy making character sheets...

Clearing out stuff and trying to draw lions again, forgot-how-to-draw-my-own-furry D:

##thanks to my 122 fans <3## 8D

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Trades: a might be open

Collabs...well see if you can catch me in Sketcher ;)

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uhm I kinda bad at writing things like these.

I'm currently a busy Archaeology student in Leiden, the Netherlands. Even though I don't upload a lot here I do a lot of sketches and writing these days, but I'm still working off my everlasting art block.

soooo, thar.

05:57 Wed 3/17/2010
Hi there :)
i love your style and gallery,
and your chars are adorable :3

10:40 Sun 3/7/2010
Would you be up for a trade with me?
You have amazing art work!

12:12 Thu 1/7/2010
Hiya! You have an amazing tallent :D
Plez pop by my gallery sometime :D

05:42 Thu 8/20/2009
You have a talent, it's interesting to look at your pics. I hope you'll keep uploading.

09:55 Sun 4/26/2009
I love your art. You draw amazingly! I love your style. Your fursona is great too. Are you up for trades?

15:40 Fri 4/24/2009
I luffles ur artwork, it is simply amazing!!!<3 *faves*
P.S.(I shall draw the winged lion cubby in sketcher sometime, I'm gonna get a tablet 4 x-mas so if,wich there r alot of talented artists that r wayyy better than me who also deserve him, I get him then I would b able to draw him alot more,and alot better than my other pics.)
edit: Your very welcome 8D You totally deserve it!

14:14 Fri 4/24/2009
Detharc Requiem
Hey there! (: You got some awesome art in your gallery! You draw so well and your fursona is really pretty! [grey fursonas ftw! XD] plus, I luv your name^^ I need to stalk you!>8D Keep it rocking! xx

Edit: SERIOUSLY? O.O omg! This made my day, for real!! :D *hugs* that's just too awesome^^
So would you maybe draw my fursona? Or our both furries together, if you don't mind? c: that would be so cool!<33

15:40 Mon 4/20/2009
Gorgeous art, I love your style, I'm jealous ;_; *bites nails*

Keep it up, ga zo door! ~

09:54 Tue 12/23/2008
Heya Estaron you have amazing art and so many welcome to the TLKFAA messages I never got one from anyone but I guess that makes me different but

Merry Christmas!

Lil Outlander

18:30 Sun 9/2/2007
Cool site want to check out mine?!!

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