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Thank you to everyone who have supported me over the years! It really means a lot to me.

Commission Status: Closed
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Newest Pictures:

15:44 Thu 12/25/2014
17:33 Tue 10/21/2014
13:30 Thu 12/26/2013
06:36 Sat 10/5/2013
06:35 Sat 10/5/2013
09:02 Tue 12/25/2012
09:50 Tue 12/27/2011
21:32 Wed 8/24/2011
11:16 Sun 1/16/2011

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Joined Before Feb 18 1999
First Upload Jan 31, 2001
Latest Upload Dec 25, 2014
Age/Birthday Jun 23, 1983 (age 34)
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Location Tampa FL
Occupation Artist with a job
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13:26 Sun 12/26/2010
hello! your artwork is very good! its amazing! i must watch you! keep up the awesome work, Epona! :D

07:23 Mon 11/9/2009
Wow you do amazing art work it's inspiring I would love to possibly do an art trade with you if thats ok
great work


15:27 Thu 10/22/2009
Luna Rei
Wow amazing art! I adore your fursona!!

09:07 Tue 9/15/2009
Nice artwork Epona!!

17:31 Thu 8/27/2009
Hello dear !! jiji !
How are you ? I´m new so, i just want to say that you are a very very very good artist !! I love your expressions !! What´s your secret ? Please !! xD!!
Well, if you have time, goes through my gallery and tell me what you think of my drawings!

Bye bye !!
Sorry for my English xD ! !jijii !!

12:56 Wed 8/5/2009
wowowwwww! ur rele good ^^ i love how you draw!!!!!!!!! XD -totally faves- do u wanna do a trade wif me?!? :D and we shuld b buds no? haha

11:04 Wed 8/5/2009
hello epona i love ur style so mutch your style has inspired me so mutch
the newest face was inspired by your style and i was wonderin if i could draw one of your cute characters!

12:41 Tue 11/11/2008
black hope
you have some nice pics. here. keep it goin, i have high hopes for you. i'm new here btw. plz respond!

19:12 Tue 9/2/2008
Wow. Your art is amazing, and your tutorials! They are so much of a help, thank you for making them! *favs* Brilliant. :D :D Say hi if you wanna!

12:27 Thu 7/3/2008
Timba Twotail
Hello there Eponaface o: <3

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