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Hi!! I'm Manu!! I live in the Brazil!!
I am too in the dA,TLK souce,MLK and Lioden!!!



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Lion Name: Kapo


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hi,i'm emanuelle!!I live in the Brazil,i'm emanuelle on MLK and emanuelle1 on dA!!!

03:27 Sun 1/19/2014
Happy Birthday! I'm two days late :(

I've seen you have lots of characters You don't use. I just want to ask You for something:
Can I have "Brokn Heart"? I have plenty ideas how can I Use him in my stories and drawings... I'll draw him and send picture if You agree.


12:29 Mon 12/30/2013
Hi manu!!! I'm ArceeAdult on MLK

11:20 Sat 8/24/2013
Hello :)
I see, you want to adopt my Mackenzie. Will you draw him to get or want you trade your character for him? :)

14:42 Tue 7/23/2013
hey Emanulle, I'm not trying to rush you but I'm giving you two more weeks to draw my tiger adoptable....if you haven't drawn her by then, I will permanently take her off the trading tree.

10:08 Fri 5/3/2013
hey you've applied for an adoptable in the batch that i have up just wondering which one you wanted?

Roar deleted.

23:16 Sat 4/20/2013
Hello in my cub icon u never said the main body color. Please tell me or I will make it myself. Thanks,

23:46 Fri 4/19/2013
Hello there! I just wanted to thank you got my beautiful icon! Also, I've got to favorite you because I love your work keep it up!

00:44 Sat 11/17/2012
Welcome to the Archive! Your first pictures are really good! I can't wait to see more!

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