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Efi Wild


First, I want to thank you for comming to my gallery and reading this. I hope you enjoy my pictures :)
I´m posting this little journal because I have been unable to answer your comments: everytime I try to do it, the TLKFAA system is down :(, so I decided to write this little FAQ:


1.How do you do your animations?

I draw the sequence by hand, later I scan the drawings, color them and the backgrounds in Photoshop or Flash and ensamble the movie in this last one. You can find good Flash tutorials at

2.Will Nala´s Tears continue?

No. I prefer to leave the story like that, so you can imagine what´s next. There´s some extra info in the site of the comic The end is already uploaded at my gallery. I should correct the last pages, but my translator is too bussy to help me ;_;

3.What about Nala´s Tears video project?

It´s closed. I got only one video (Thanks Orca Owl!)

4.What about an arte trade?

Sorry, but I can´t, I don´t have the time. Also the requests for plushies are dennied. I apologize :(

5. Why don´t you answer the comments?

Altough I read ALL the comments, I can´t answer simply because I don´t have internet at home, so , when I get online, there are tons of them. Also, the system is always down lately. However I want to thank you here for your kind words of encouragement and inspiration :)

6. Why don´t you upload as frequently as before?

When I joined TLKFAA, I was a new University student, so I had many free time, but as time passed, I got new responsabilities (I had to pause Nala´s Tears when I made mt thesis), and now, I have to work hard. I´m making a short movie about an aztec legend, if everytime goes OK, I hope to share it with you soon. My age at TLKFAA was incredible, I got wonderful friends and experiences, so I´m an ethernal member inside my heart.

If you want to ask about another topic, please write me to my e-mail:

I love you!!

Efi Wild<br><br>
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I’m a mexican wolf-girl who loves all the visual things! I like to draw and write; some of my favorite themes are lions and, wolves. Since I saw “The Lion King”, I wanted to make my own movies, but I still have to work very hard! :)
I think this a wonderful place: there are great pictures, gentle people, many imagination and surprises… and a lot of The Lion

My favorite TLK character is Scar, he’s a masterpiece of voicing and animation.
My artist name is "Efi Wild" (My first name was Efi la reina de la sabana) but you can call me only Efi. I’m the purpleish/gray wolf,not the lycaon pup, altough also I love so much that

Thanks to God, to Brian Tenneman
and for you, who are reading this!

I have a bad English, but I’m learning so much in this place,
please forgive the mistakes! ^-^

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