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Hi all! Im ETTE... or practically whatever else you want to call me, really, I'll respond to most anything!
Please leave me comments! I love to hear your opinions!
Though I love critiscism, and hope to get much of it, (I want to hear your opinion of my art, and know what I can do better- don't be shy!) please keep critiscism constructive, and positive.

Thank you all! Hope to have a happy many years here!


Trades: Yus! Lets trade!
Requests: Not usually- but you can ask. :p

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Hello all! This is me. >

I am a snarky, bipedal primate who specializes in smearing color all over scraps of paper in a systematic manner, to create images for your enjoyment and pleasure. (I also specialize in the devouring of all things chocolate... but that's irrelevant.)

I joined this particular site in 2009, at age eleven, by the encouragement of my amazing sister, Sulu.

I started drawing during one particularly dull summer that I spent with a hard cast up to my hip, having broken my leg at 3 years old, and I've been drawing ever since.

I'm always open to suggestions and criticism, after all, the whole point in my being here is to improve. :)

My username- ETTE- is an acronym for my own personal motto: Endure to the End. Besides that, ETTE is just an elegant figure. :p

Love you all! Talk to me, trade with me, give me chocolate!

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