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<b>09/27/11</b> - Wow! 30 fans! You guys are absolutely amazing and you all inspire me so much to draw more and more <3 <br><br>
Ciao! I am Dyonga, welcome to my gallery! :) <br><br>

<b>Art Trades:</b> Open! <br>
<b>Commissions:</b> Definitely open!<br>
<b>Requests:</b> Not likely! :P <br>

<div style="text-align: center"><b>ART TRADES:</b><br>
Kei Taki - <i>Ropowi</i> - Complete <br/>
Tigger - <i>Lerato & Marche</i> - Complete <br/>
bcagalli18 - <i>Death</i> - Sketched <br>
Dasypus - <i>Scar & Simba</i> - Complete <br>
SimbaForever - <i>Sasha</i> - Not Started <br><br>
If you're not listed for my art trades, its because you haven't told me who you want me to draw yet! :P <3 <br></div>

If you're interested in an art trade or commission, please shoot me an email or IM me on msn! Both addresses are listed in my profile. <br>
<div style="text-align: center"><b><u>45</u> FANS !!</b><br>Holy cow you guys! Thank you~! <3</div><br>
If you liek my arts, please check out my <a href="">deviantART</a>;! <br/>
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyyy c:


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Hey there! I'm Dyonga, and I'm a biology major at the University of Manitoba. I look at stuff. Sometimes dead stuff. Then I draw it later. :D If you ever wanna chat, hit me up on msn! :)
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