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Druids and Wolves

<h1>BUY THE DRUID AND THE WOLF BOOK 1 WHEN IT COMES OUT SOON!! Will you? Pwetty pwease...? <3 <3 *kittenfaceplz*
It is only 10.00 bucks in the U.S! Probably more in other countries. I'll post the link here when it is available.</h1>
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I am the author of The Druid and the Wolf series, which will be published through Amazon's CreateSpace in either February or March. Finally have it done with over 300 pages, now just have to do editing. Working on the second book now.

But however, despite my undying love for wolves, I am an on and off fan of TLK! Those who knew me years ago would know me as SampsonRocks, or with some username with the name Sampson in it. I was really an idiot beack then! Haha, but I'm 13 now so I'm hoping to get to know you guys better than before.

This was always a great site! That's why I rejoined!
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