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updated Oct. 15.

Gone. All non-TLK art (excluding trades/requests) has already been removed. Have a good day, ya'll. I'm out for now. Concluded after noticing I haven't drawn anything proper to the archive in almost a year. Tah.

~~~where to find dreadea~~~
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heh heh, all piccys are (c) to me yes
all chars(c) to rightful owners (i.e. my chars.(c) me, other artist chars.(c) to respectful artist, and chars used in crossovers being from shows and what-not(c) to creators)
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No longer drawing proper subject matter.

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DeviantArt, username "darkmoonsphinx"

Doubtful. Highly. Might post new arts if TLK related or trade/request only.

Sure, go ahead, I don't really bite.
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