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Bahari - lioness of April 2014, thank you!

Hi there and welcome to my gallery! :D hope you enjoy my art!^^

Btw you can just call me Doodle! :3

Like my art? Go to my DA to see more:

For any who might be wondering, i used to be Golden Liger ^^

Your comments mean so much to me and a HUGE thanks to my 63 fans,you're awesome!

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2010-05-15 12:51:21.0
Kovu and Kiara had been out for a night under the stars together shortly after the joining of their prides and birth of their cubs.
Kovu had been unusually quiet and distant the whole night, but Kiara did not understand why until they arrived back home: her family lay beaten badly. Immediately she had turned to Kovu and hysterically began screaming, asking him what had happened. In a fit of rage and frustation Kovu struck her across the face.
Tears spilled down Kiara's face and into the deep cuts, causing them to sting as Kovu spoke coldly:
"They were beaten by my pride. It was the plan all along. You all have a choice: you can join MY pride and our cubs or be exiled. What will it be?"

My entry for the contest.

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2015-07-04 16:00:37.0
One night, the two brothers slipped away from the den at the Outlands and into the long grass at the borders. Nuka looked at his younger brother "hey Kovu, climb up on my back I want to show you something." Kovu complied, scrambling up and standing on Nuka's shoulders. "See the stars?" Nuka continued, "Dad always said they were the Great King of the past."
"Wow!" Kovu mouthed, looking up in awe. "Do you.. think he's up there?"
"I hope so."
"Maybe I'll join him someday" Kovu grinned. "You could come too Nuka, then we'd all be together!"
Nuka smiled, "right!"

Contest entry! A what if Nuka had a closer relationship with Kovu scene, it's something I've been wanting to explore. Also.. I found thinner pixel lines! I like how they turned o
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2014-05-10 10:34:27.0
My Fursona!
A new style? Not exactly...

More a re-working/tweaking of an old style I used to use.. in fact, it was the style I used for my first ever Penda drawing:

Hopefully using a different style will help get my drawing motivation going again x3
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2015-05-29 08:04:14.0
For Others!
Happy Birthday Bu! <33
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2013-01-18 18:31:21.0
Character collab on sketcher! :D i got the honour of drawing ~FireHeart~'s fursona Anari! She was awesome fun to draw :D
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2017-01-27 16:45:11.0
For Others!
My half of the trade with the lovely Sukala! :D

Apologies for the lateness ^^:: hope you like!
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2017-03-04 12:26:24.0
Penda with her two girl cubs, Pandora on the right and little Evelyn on the left <3 (changed Eve's headtuft to a simple blonde now)

Sketched this in Drawpile, did the rest in MyPaint C:
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2015-07-01 12:11:54.0
A redraw of this one of my first canon pictures drawn back in 2010!

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