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Bahari - lioness of April 2014, thank you!

Hi there and welcome to my gallery! :D hope you enjoy my art!^^

Btw you can just call me Doodle! :3

Like my art? Go to my DA to see more:

For any who might be wondering, i used to be Golden Liger ^^

Your comments mean so much to me and a HUGE thanks to my 63 fans,you're awesome!

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2017-12-29 10:31:13.0
A young Jingle, lost and alone feeling blue in the midst of a blizzard.
1234 x 1062
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2017-12-29 10:30:25.0
Penda's out for another winter walk, this time with her friend Jingle the snow leopard! Penda wonders how Jingle isn't cold...

Once again Jingle makes her rare appearance during the festive season, I should really draw more of her XD

Both Jingle and Penda are © me
942 x 929
1084.2255859375 KB
2017-12-29 10:29:55.0
My Fursona!
This time of year always makes me happy, even if its doubtful we'll see any actual snow XD buuut I felt like doing some winter themed art and I've been doodling chibi's a lot lately sooo here's a littler Penda, complete with new scarf, earmuffs and booties :3
499 x 448
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2017-10-20 10:02:58.0
My Characters!
....titled because I made some edits to Bertie's mane style here, same colours but simplified a bit :3 bit more experimenting with new shading method too
2000 x 1555
1247.6298828125 KB
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2017-10-10 14:20:07.0
My Fursona!
Eep well its been a while since I posted... mostly experimenting with tweaks to Penda's design and found a new way to shade on my program so ended up testing that out too :3
1444 x 1202
1802.0390625 KB
2017-04-26 16:53:16.0
Not drawn much of Kion.. so I decided to draw himn again ^^ his mark is a bit on the small side but never mind XD
940 x 720
318.869140625 KB
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2017-03-08 17:17:06.0
My Characters!
My Si Cat, Shwari (previously Chi Cats) enjoying a nice tea, and keeping it warm :P don't draw her often enough at all <3

Species belongs to AnnieHyena C:
224 x 301
56.4765625 KB
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2017-03-04 12:26:24.0
Penda with her two girl cubs, Pandora on the right and little Evelyn on the left <3 (changed Eve's headtuft to a simple blonde now)

Sketched this in Drawpile, did the rest in MyPaint C:
937 x 788
380.4365234375 KB
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2017-02-20 17:30:44.0
Another collab with Bow tonight <3 all four of Penda and Benji's cubs.. Pandora and Bertie are older so they are now teens here :D

I drew the two on the left, Bow drew the ones on the right C:
1198 x 554
235.7236328125 KB
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2017-02-19 18:52:44.0

.. Well looks like Benji got his wish XD <33

Another collab, mines the one on the right.
1013 x 615
239.431640625 KB
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2017-02-19 18:50:52.0
A collab with a good friend of mine, Bow <3 this is Penda's only cubs,, or is it? ;P

This was done in a great new program we found where we can collab at the same time, called Draw Pile C:

L-R: Penda, Bertie, Benji, Pandora
851 x 483
155.794921875 KB
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2017-01-27 16:45:11.0
For Others!
My half of the trade with the lovely Sukala! :D

Apologies for the lateness ^^:: hope you like!
1692 x 1071
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2016-12-20 18:46:08.0
My Fursona!
Got the dreaded cold and this idea popped into my head, started out as a doodle and I just kept experimenting XD took my mind off my sore nose for a bit anyway. I finally seem to be getting back into the swing of drawing.
1340 x 956
810.7333984375 KB
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2016-12-10 19:29:17.0
My Characters!
I brought back my snow leopard Jingle, to deliver a merry message to all ^.^

I've missed drawing her, shes so fun to colour too <3 this won't be the last you see of her, as I'm developing a story for her.. :D

Heres the first and last time I drew her, almost exactly a year ago.. 13th December last year.. today is the 11th ^^ :

I'll try not to leave her so long this time :'D
576 x 543
234.4697265625 KB
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2016-09-30 09:01:03.0
Took part in the real fursona challenge over on Deviantart.. started by Albinoraven666fanart..

So here I am! Surprised by how much I actually like the result ^u^
1028 x 1060
410.51953125 KB
2016-09-21 08:07:13.0
For the contest! Adult Simba has always been a challenge for me so I chose to draw him :)
1025 x 900
436.466796875 KB
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2016-09-14 15:46:35.0
My Fursona!
Been a while since I last uploaded! I've seen the new site layout... first time actually uploading since xD

Trying to get back into the swing of drawing regularly again.. Hadn't drawn Penda as a cub for a while so that's what I decided to do! Rainbow background because it was fun and its better than no background right :D
459 x 446
258.0146484375 KB
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2016-06-14 11:27:38.0
"Come you guys, hurry up!"

I think Kiara would have gone back to the Outlands at least once more when she was a cub. But I don't see Zuri or Tiifu as the particularly adventurous kind, probably why they weren't with her the first time she went.
Been working on this for a few days now. Tried a few new things in this pic, thinner and fainter lineart and more blended/softer shading, Also wasn't sure what colours to go with for Kiara, i kinda like the lighter colouring as she resembles Nala more but i felt she needed abit more golden colour. So i went for a creamier shade of gold fur.

Full description:
1228 x 1208
1527.654296875 KB
Color PNG
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2016-06-08 18:29:59.0
"You're outnumbered sister, accept our ways or your on your own.."

My new theory for Jasiri, i believe her and Jsnja to be siblings. I think most of the hyenas from the original film moved on, but some chose to stay behind instead.
Jasiri being female, would have become matriarch of the remaining clan. Janja doesn't like this, as her beliefs and respect for the circle of life messes up how he wants to run the clan.

This would explain how they know each other and why they are enemies as seen in Never Judge A Hyena by its spots. Notice they are also both the only hyena's, with the lighter streak in their tail tuft..

More to come on this later! Not my best work, but I had a last minute brain wave and wanted to draw it XD
843 x 417
119.935546875 KB
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2016-05-28 16:54:42.0
For Others!
A little something I did early for Lia.. happy birthday for tomorrow! *hugs* ^.^ <3
387 x 531
65.681640625 KB
Color PNG
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2016-05-25 11:28:13.0
Little something I did early for my sis birthday ^U^

Yeah I got lazy with the background xD but I've found a new way of doing my lineart that I'm very happy with! :D
558 x 512
177.9189453125 KB
Color PNG
2016-05-20 17:24:34.0
More experimenting.. this time with thinner, fainter lineart, i like the effect :)

Sorry i've been so inactive lately ^^;;
159 x 148
17.53125 KB
Color PNG
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2016-05-10 17:27:34.0
When the images of Tiifu and Zuri first came out, I couldn't help noticing similarities between them and Penda and Kiree. So I decided to do this comparison for fun ^.^
1237 x 1258
452.0263671875 KB
Color PNG
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2016-03-31 15:30:14.0
Yep! A month ago today I became an auntie! :D so I now have a little nephew called Louie! <3

No actual kids of my own, but I thought it'd be cute to have Prnda's cubbies meet their new cousin! Bertie is just pleased its another male cub. Complete with inappropriate Benji in the background XP

Louie cub actually turned really frickin cute, he has mixed blue/brown eye colour because they keep changing at the moment!

839 x 479
271.357421875 KB
Color PNG
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2016-03-04 16:41:26.0
More minecraft adventures with Bow! :D <3

I was testing my new bow... accidentally shot Bow, then her pet wolf Winston killed me XD
852 x 356
398.2080078125 KB
Color PNG
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2016-02-06 13:28:40.0
For NatashaArts challenge, the top picture is Penda coloured with MSpaint default colours.. bottom pic is her actual colours for comparison ^.^
555 x 972
14.185546875 KB
Color PNG
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2016-01-31 11:20:31.0
"Come here Kiara, I want to show you something" Simba said softly, smiling as his daughter nestled between his paws. "Look up at the sky. You see those stars? Those are the great kings of the past, looking down on us. Including your grandfather."
"Mufasa? But I don't understand, why is he up there and not with us?"
Simba smiled sadly. "Just because he's up there, doesn't mean he isn't with us Kiara. He will always be there to guide you, along with the other great kings. As a wise baboon once told me, he lives in us."

Been wanting to do this picture for a while. Tribute to my own grandfather who passed away a year ago today, we named a star after him and the original scene with Simba and Mufasa always makes me think of him now. <3
738 x 708
529.9013671875 KB
Color PNG
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2016-01-21 17:18:29.0
My Fursona!
Edit: updated Penda's ref one last time.. wanted to tweak her colours again as the last ones just didn't look right to me XD
1060 x 780
25.4658203125 KB
Color PNG
2015-12-23 12:25:14.0
Penda in her new christmas bow! Happy holidays/Merry Christmas all! ^.^

896 x 960
205.53125 KB
Color PNG
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2015-12-13 16:42:36.0
My Characters!
Jingle.. with a BG this time!

Yes.. she wears a tracking collar. Part of her backstory which i've already been planning, more on that later! ^.^
528 x 608
395.0146484375 KB
Color PNG
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2015-12-13 16:42:00.0
My Characters!
New snow leopard chara! Meet Jingle :3

944 x 624
238.89453125 KB
Color PNG
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2015-12-03 10:12:50.0
My Fursona!
Experimenting with Penda's colours to see what she would look like with a different shade of pelt and underbelly...

5 and 6 are my favourites.. i'll likely stick with the white underbelly but it's fun to see what she could look like
704 x 928
23.96484375 KB
Color PNG
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2015-11-27 15:20:53.0
Simba and Nala - Entry for the contest :) done with coloured pencils.
960 x 688
127.04296875 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-11-22 18:45:32.0
Just like the title says! Experimenting with different lineart styles.. I think I like the bottom two best, however I wanted to see other peoples opinions?

Much appreciated if you vote for which lineart you like best :)
751 x 754
163.3154296875 KB
Color PNG
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2015-11-20 13:01:07.0
For Others!
A belated birthday gift for Nat! :) sorry it's late, but I hope you like it friend!
724 x 753
147.947265625 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-10-09 12:54:35.0

My entry for the contest! I decided to recreate this scene in black and white, using hatch and cross hatch shading.
552 x 452
195.6337890625 KB
Grayscale PNG
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2015-09-28 18:15:27.0
Just an old sketch I forgot to upload... <3

Also just to let you know I'm still around haha just been too busy to be able to get much art done lately... and when I'm not busy I'm too unmotivated...

But I do plan to try and focus a little more on my art and start uploading again soon :3
283 x 298
61.501953125 KB
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2015-08-29 10:03:11.0
A long time ago, before Kovu and Vitani came along, when Nuka remembered his mother acting lovingly towards him. His father didn't approve of him, but that didn't seem to matter so long as he had his mothers affection.

That had all changed after Scar's death, something in Zira snapped. She spoke harshly to him, putting him down. All her attention seemed to focus on Kovu, but not in a loving way.

As Nuka was crushed beneath the logs, he saw a look of love on his mothers face he hadn't seen since he was cub. That was the last thing he saw and he smiled; he had finally got her attention again.


For the contest. I believe Zira's redeeming quality is that she had once been a good, loving mother.

574 x 458
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