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Bahari - lioness of April 2014, thank you!

Hi there and welcome to my gallery! :D hope you enjoy my art!^^

Btw you can just call me Doodle! :3

Like my art? Go to my DA to see more:

For any who might be wondering, i used to be Golden Liger ^^

Your comments mean so much to me and a HUGE thanks to my 63 fans,you're awesome!

Art Trades: closed
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2017-12-29 10:31:13.0
A young Jingle, lost and alone feeling blue in the midst of a blizzard.
1234 x 1062
1447.931640625 KB
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2017-12-29 10:30:25.0
Penda's out for another winter walk, this time with her friend Jingle the snow leopard! Penda wonders how Jingle isn't cold...

Once again Jingle makes her rare appearance during the festive season, I should really draw more of her XD

Both Jingle and Penda are © me
942 x 929
1084.2255859375 KB
2017-03-04 12:26:24.0
Penda with her two girl cubs, Pandora on the right and little Evelyn on the left <3 (changed Eve's headtuft to a simple blonde now)

Sketched this in Drawpile, did the rest in MyPaint C:
937 x 788
380.4365234375 KB
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2016-09-30 09:01:03.0
Took part in the real fursona challenge over on Deviantart.. started by Albinoraven666fanart..

So here I am! Surprised by how much I actually like the result ^u^
1028 x 1060
410.51953125 KB
2016-06-08 18:29:59.0
"You're outnumbered sister, accept our ways or your on your own.."

My new theory for Jasiri, i believe her and Jsnja to be siblings. I think most of the hyenas from the original film moved on, but some chose to stay behind instead.
Jasiri being female, would have become matriarch of the remaining clan. Janja doesn't like this, as her beliefs and respect for the circle of life messes up how he wants to run the clan.

This would explain how they know each other and why they are enemies as seen in Never Judge A Hyena by its spots. Notice they are also both the only hyena's, with the lighter streak in their tail tuft..

More to come on this later! Not my best work, but I had a last minute brain wave and wanted to draw it XD
843 x 417
119.935546875 KB
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2016-05-25 11:28:13.0
Little something I did early for my sis birthday ^U^

Yeah I got lazy with the background xD but I've found a new way of doing my lineart that I'm very happy with! :D
558 x 512
177.9189453125 KB
Color PNG
2016-05-10 17:27:34.0
When the images of Tiifu and Zuri first came out, I couldn't help noticing similarities between them and Penda and Kiree. So I decided to do this comparison for fun ^.^
1237 x 1258
452.0263671875 KB
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2016-03-31 15:30:14.0
Yep! A month ago today I became an auntie! :D so I now have a little nephew called Louie! <3

No actual kids of my own, but I thought it'd be cute to have Prnda's cubbies meet their new cousin! Bertie is just pleased its another male cub. Complete with inappropriate Benji in the background XP

Louie cub actually turned really frickin cute, he has mixed blue/brown eye colour because they keep changing at the moment!

839 x 479
271.357421875 KB
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2016-03-04 16:41:26.0
More minecraft adventures with Bow! :D <3

I was testing my new bow... accidentally shot Bow, then her pet wolf Winston killed me XD
852 x 356
398.2080078125 KB
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2016-02-06 13:28:40.0
For NatashaArts challenge, the top picture is Penda coloured with MSpaint default colours.. bottom pic is her actual colours for comparison ^.^
555 x 972
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2015-12-23 12:25:14.0
Penda in her new christmas bow! Happy holidays/Merry Christmas all! ^.^

896 x 960
205.53125 KB
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2015-09-28 18:15:27.0
Just an old sketch I forgot to upload... <3

Also just to let you know I'm still around haha just been too busy to be able to get much art done lately... and when I'm not busy I'm too unmotivated...

But I do plan to try and focus a little more on my art and start uploading again soon :3
283 x 298
61.501953125 KB
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2015-08-28 15:09:17.0
It's my 400th upload to TLKFAA! :)

And somewhere between now and my 300th pic, Penda gained two cubs <3 so I decided to include them, Bertie and Pandora giving her presents ^.^
345 x 257
76.8037109375 KB
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2015-08-27 11:35:07.0
Another sketch I forgot! Mine and Bow's brother cubs, Casper and Riddley :)
555 x 545
29.96484375 KB
Color JPEG
2015-08-27 11:24:02.0
Penda's patience is wearing out this day.. XD Here is with the cubbies Pandora and Bertie <3
256 x 196
53.7783203125 KB
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2015-08-21 16:44:10.0
Just felt like lionizing one of my favourite Lost characters. I kinda both love and hate this guy haha, any fans of the show will probably know who it is from the title.
304 x 342
86.537109375 KB
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2015-07-04 16:50:10.0
"Anybody have cookie?!"

*cough* ahem. Really random drawing.. I've found chocolate chip cookies pretty addictive lately and pretty much feel like the cookie monster XD so i drew Penda like it.. yeah... XD
209 x 245
4.1513671875 KB
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2015-06-13 12:51:58.0
For the contest! I am right handed, so I attempted to draw Nala with my left hand.
A fun but frustrating experience! Can't count how many times I felt the urge to jusr switch the pen into my right hand XD after many attempts, this is the best I could do at the moment

188 x 196
25.6513671875 KB
Color PNG
2015-06-06 10:08:57.0
Continuing to experiment with my art program to find the best techniques to use before I begin my comic...

I used Simba again this time, with a different lineart style and in three different lightings: night, day, fire

I think this is a slight improvement from my last Simba: what do you guys think?
619 x 323
139.9140625 KB
Color PNG
2015-05-25 16:11:04.0
Something I did as an early birthday present for my sister Kiree! ^u^ yep Kiree and Penda are sisters <3

(she has an account here but shes not active here much)
1088 x 704
175.896484375 KB
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2015-05-16 12:37:33.0
For any that were reading my comic over on DA... a notice to say that I am restarting it.

The story itself hasn't changed, but since its been so long since I started it... there have been developments in my art and style, and I want the comic to be more consistent with this.

I think I may have also found a way to resize it to upload here.. but we'll see
569 x 596
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2015-05-02 10:43:57.0
Hey guys... it turns out I wasn't getting much better, I've been back in hospital for just over a week now. I've got to have an operation in a few days to deal with my stomach problems, and I'm so scared...I won't be able to go back to work or do a lot for a while, but at least it should make me feel better. Just so glad I have really supportive family and friends...

I'll still be around commenting but don't know when I'll next be able to post proper art :3
1626 x 1185
1061.17578125 KB
Color JPEG
2015-04-17 06:53:30.0
As the title says Penda is happy to be at home.... I've just recently come home after a week in the hospital. It was related to the stomach problems mentioned in my recent bulletin, turns out i had an infection.... I've still got a lot of medication to take and 2 weeks at least signed off work... but my energy levels are up, my appetite has improved and less stomach aches so i feel a lot better already ^.^

So on the right road to recovery :)

(Ps. This was done using an app i found on my tablet! :3)
600 x 1024
303.158203125 KB
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2015-03-25 15:19:55.0
Mummy daughter time <3 Penda with little Pandora. Penda's colours are duller than usual here, undecided if i'll keep them that way.
292 x 362
79.7900390625 KB
Color PNG
2014-10-24 12:46:51.0
Contest entry! Changeling Kovu and alicorn princess Kiara.

This day is going to be perfect.
The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small.
All those Armor loving bores, say I look great in uniform.
What they don't know is that I have fooled them all...

Thought it would fit them well, since Kovu has mixed feelings, especially when i heard the male version of the "this day" aria.
572 x 484
237.4150390625 KB
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2014-10-24 11:12:43.0
Oh dear.. Kiara's unimpressed. But what has Kovu done?

Quick doodle that i decided to turn into a little game for you, best caption gets a request from me!

You have 48 hours... :D
570 x 337
107.37109375 KB
Color PNG
2014-10-08 11:29:08.0
I'm the happiest I've been in ages right now because things are finally looking up. I've got a job over Christmas! It's not permanent but it's definitely better than no job and it's made me feel a lot better about myself :3 hopeful for a permanent job in the future but right now this is enough to brighten my mood!

Decided to experiment more in this picture and bring back the style I developed, something I don't usually have the motivation or inspiration to do so it looks like it will impact positively on my art aswell .. xD

Bigger, clearer version:
574 x 454
237.349609375 KB
Color PNG
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2014-09-08 16:17:01.0
Collab! With Charry, Coraibu and Pooky <33
932 x 468
424.083984375 KB
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2014-08-30 10:27:26.0
Scar: "Make up!! My eyeliner is smudged already, and get me a manicure fast! I broke a claw in that last scene... speaking of which, my scar was on the wrong side the entire time! Honestly, I'm surrounded by idiots!!"

Director: "Hey that's a good line! Let's put it in the film!"

Entry for the site contest! :D this was fun. You can as always see a clearer version on my DA:
518 x 764
293.267578125 KB
Color PNG
2014-08-14 13:36:59.0
For the third page of my Simba's Reign fan comic please follow this link!

(Shrinking comics is too much of a pain XP)
215 x 212
60.5087890625 KB
Color PNG
2014-07-29 11:02:25.0
For canon week!

Nuka, because he doesn't get enough love in my gallery. Also good practice and chance to find the colours I want to use for him in my comic :D

Speaking of my comic, the next couple of pages are planned out, I've just not had a lot of free time to make them lately.
382 x 365
11.7626953125 KB
Color PNG
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2014-06-25 12:58:44.0
..Because as a lion, Simba would be pretty old by now ;3

My celebration picture for TLK's 20th anniversary! I was 2 years old when this film came out, it was my favourite then and it's still one of my favourites now. I always remember TLK being a comfort to me as well, whenever I was upset I used to put my VHS on or my parents might buy me a Lion King toy to cheer me up.

And while I've always loved to draw, starting to draw TLK fanart several years ago was what really inspired me to improve and develop my art further and continues to inspire me to create. <3
900 x 508
35.912109375 KB
Color PNG
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2014-06-22 15:25:44.0
Penda, in the new style I've been working on! :)

Couldn't be bothered to do a proper background, so did a lazy pink one :3 seems to be Penda's signature background colour.
582 x 511
32.0517578125 KB
Color PNG
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2014-06-20 14:18:14.0
Doodle's active, using MSPaint again AND posting canon art? :O

Yes. It's true XP felt like drawing Kovu, boring headshot I know but need more practice on the Outlanders.

Guess I'll use this as 1/3 canon art for ALOP too.

+ 2XP and +3Feathers
393 x 378
16.7412109375 KB
Color PNG
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2014-06-15 14:51:26.0
Remake of a collab with Kuna! Here's the original, done early last year. We agreed to remake a collab each.

Done using MSPaint because lately I've started to really miss using it again. So you'll probably see more MSPaint pics from me! :)

Gahh I forgot Penda's heart marking, but it won't let me upload the corrected version -.- *facepalm*

Also thought I'd take this time to say sorry I haven't been active recently, I'm currently on a 2 month work experience with Waitrose.. and possibly a job at the end if I'm lucky. So not as much time and a little tired at the moment XP
Btw, ALOP MMD pic is on it's way, still in the approval queue ^^;;
597 x 502
27.263671875 KB
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2014-06-10 15:58:55.0
"What- I should be Simba's official son! Dafuq is this?" - Kopa

Just an idea that popped into my head when I saw this the new cartoon series based on Lion King! Plus this article mentions Kiara appears as Kion's older sister, so it seems Simba's Pride is still canon!

Personally, I like the sound of it and Kion's design, though I do wish he looked more like Nala instead of another Simba clone.. but I do already have ideas for him to play into my AU! Will be colouring this later..

Wanted to hear other peoples thoughts on the series/Kion?

523 x 397
90.8525390625 KB
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