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Dj Hin13

People who I wouldn't trade for the world ♥
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Fluffy Siki<br>
Blazing Black Mage<br>
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Joined Jul 31, 2006
First Upload Sep 28, 2006
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Age/Birthday Jun 26, 1993 (age 25)
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Occupation Aspiring artist
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Hey all, I see you've come here for a bit of info eh?

Well I go by Dj Hin13, you can just call me Hin if you'd like. I've been here for...6 years and I had been watching this place for two years priar to that.

To be honest I'm not a diehard TLK fan xD; Sure it was my favorite movie as a kid, but there's so many gaps in the movie it's now bothered me as I've grown older.

Okay more about myself. I'm an artist (NORLY?!). Yes. I know, shocking. But more importantly I want to be a Manga artist. Of course there's no actual major for that in college so I'm going to study to be an animator and branch out from that.

If you want to know more about me talk to me in sketcher you can probably find me there ^^

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