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<big><big><big><big><big>Hey there!</big></big></big></big></big>

<big><big><b>Very happy that I got so much comments for my first pic! I never thought!
Big hug to you guys!</b></big></big>

<big>means "I love you" in dinosaur</big>

<big><big><big>[u]About me:[/u]</big></big></big>
My name is Yoshi,
and I live in the most
boring country on earth,
and that's sweden.
I'm 18 years old and
The Lion King is one
of my favorite movies!

I've been working in Adobe Flash
for about 2,5 year
and Photoshop for 6 years.
I draw the base in Adobe Flash,
because I think it look more "cartoon-ish"
and I also do the basecolors.

I do all shades and highlights in
photoshop, and also som extra special
things if needed :3

My hobbies are to draw, paint, play
videogames/computergames, watch movies,
anime and manga, synthetic dreads, hair
extensions, sewing and music!

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