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Hello everybodey!!

First I have to say that I'm from germany and so my english is not the best.....
so sorry for some grammar mistakes!

For a long time I onely drawed Wolves but in Summer I changet to Lions
My Pictures are not the best, yes I'm still learning!!! But my dream is, that one time I can draw as good as Dolphy!!!
Yes she was the reason why I startet to draw Lions!!!
I often went to shadowwalkers gallery (Im sorry to say it's closed now) and admired her and the other artists Work!

But the Reason why I started to draw in general was my best friend Zanna^^

I love drawing (most time in school)
and when i come home from school I go verry often to my computer and edit my Art untill my Mother comes and shouts at me I should go to time for Homework ;-D
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