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i don't upload here very much anymore. go to for somewhere i'm actually active

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02:56 Sat 11/12/2011
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i left for a long time and then kind of came back

kind of. i'm not sure if this is a permanent sort of gig yet

02:00 Mon 12/5/2011
hi isaw ur bulliten wanna du a trade?i can wait if ur busy but id love to du one im kinda in da mood fr one:)
Edit:Sure thing:)wats ur email i cant get it up (stupid cpu)

17:25 Mon 2/18/2008
Happy Lion
i saw your bulletin and i was you maybe want to do a charrie trade? it's where i make a character for you and you make one for me. What do you think?

11:34 Mon 2/18/2008
Lindsey B.
hi, you have a really awesome gallery, and your pics are amazing, keep up the good work^^

00:24 Mon 12/11/2006
Lol I just now figured out who you are. (IE WHY I HAVEN'T FAV'D YOU YET) Obligatory: your art is pretty spifftastic.

10:22 Sun 8/20/2006
Hi, you got some awesome art there, keep it up!!! :D

21:41 Tue 8/9/2005
Aqua/Sequoia Lioness
I love your art, and you have a cute style! Keep it up!=D

23:31 Sat 8/6/2005
I shall fear the almighty spork, though I am not worthy! *grovels*

19:29 Fri 11/19/2004

I love your style so far! Keeeeep it up! check out my gallery, maybe we can trade.


21:48 Tue 9/14/2004
*hi fives you*

Great work you've got here!!! ^_~

And, awesome that you're eye's sharp to theft! I'm watching Fukai and I'll continue to watch her along with all the other theives I find.

theft just really ticks me off... I had a 3ft by 5ft painting stolen from me... BY THE ART TEACHER!!! However, the police said 'well it's not the mona lisa or nuthin.'

Grr.. Okay, I was meaning to welcome you and compliment you!!!
*pounce hugs*

Sorry, I'm excitable right now.

13:05 Fri 9/10/2004
He is now yours!!! love you art by the way! :)

*babi_kat* ^(OO)^

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