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"High Priest of Spirituality" alias "Meerkat"

1. Thanks for the people they have added me to theyr favorite Artistslist. *bigmeerkathug*

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Hey, it´s me. Timon. I think, Rudi Langen is a good painter. I´m his favorite. He likes me, and i likes him. *smile*

He´s 23 years old, live in Germany and likes FIRST ME, his Computer and Metal.

My new nickname is: High Priest of Spirituality.

Have fun! :)

ps.: My new E-Mail Adress is:

16:37 Wed 9/20/2006
Lily the pink
hello there...

you have some great artowrk's here, keep up the super work ^^

12:13 Tue 8/29/2006
Ja hallo ^^ und wiedermal ne nette Person aus Deutschland. Hab grad mal deine Gallerie besichtigt und muss sagen du bist echt Spitze in Sachen Timon ;) Wirklich schöne Bilder, nur weiter so. Darf man fragen wo du genau wohnst? *neugierig is* XD

07:49 Fri 8/25/2006
Hey, and thanks for your earlier comment! :)
Cool, nice Timon art, I like how you draw meerkats. The 3D picture on your root folder makes me especially impressed. Keep it up!

09:51 Wed 4/5/2006
Hi, you got some great art there!!! =3

15:46 Sat 8/13/2005
I have seen your pics and i was wounder about your skills with photos!
great works!

16:02 Sat 7/23/2005
Hi, there! It's about time that I leave a comment here! Anyway, here it is in five words: future Artist of the Month!

20:03 Thu 7/14/2005
hello there^^, wow!! you got a great gallary here!!;D please keep it up*huggles*

06:23 Fri 4/29/2005
Rainbow Fountains
ahhh wow! your art is sooo cute! keep up the great work! love Rain :)
p.s. check out my gallerys ometime! :)

17:47 Fri 3/25/2005
Trebor Meerkat
Hi There. It's me Timon NCC-1701. Thanks for havin' me in your favs. I like the idea of Timon as a priest. are you a christian? 'cause I am.

Update: The pictures will come soon. I would've put some on this weekend, but I STUPIDLY left all my drawings at school. plus I have one more color to go on all my drawings. so it's gonna have to wait K?

Update: I like the idea of Timon as a priest. it's very cool.

Update: Hey! Come check out the 4 paragraph life story of my first character! I haven't drawn him yet. but i have a feeling he's gonna look very TUBULAR!!!!

Update: Hey! come see my gallery. i got some new pics!.

Update: WOW! It's amazing the way you blend pictures right in!

Update: That comment you made about star trek? Well my most favorite series is
Star Trek Enterprise. just to let ya know.

Update: Hey! Thanks a lot for the art trade/request pic. I'm gonna do one for you just as soon as I finish making the birthday gift for Teirrah. It's on the 29th of March. Thanks again:)

Update: Oh I do, Thank you soo much. :)

14:06 Mon 2/14/2005
Lunara the Mystic
Great Timon pics! I love the one where he's in your hand..very crafty! ^_~ Keep up the good work and stop by my gallery sometime!

P.S. - Thanks for adding me to your Fave Artists list! *Lion hugs* ^_^

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