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Aug. 27, 2009, 12:23 a.m.
March 6, 2009, 11:48 p.m.
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Hullo there

If you have a question for me, don't be afraid to ask :)

14:13 Mon 1/18/2010
wow awesome art you have here :)

~ravenpaw (aka feather)

19:47 Fri 11/6/2009
lol, have you seen my rant art piece? i caused a huge deal about this a few days ago... didnt really mean it to, but it seems i started a wild fire. heh...

i'm on your side, just be careful how you go about your opinion, because apparently here on TLKFAA your not allowed to have one.

EDIT: you amuse me

23:15 Thu 11/5/2009
Blazing Black Mage
Oh my gosh I agree with you so much. :|
I mean, I adore creating species, very lovely pasttime, but you're right about everyone going bloody balistic over it.
That and the new species of just random lion "OH LOOK IT HAS ELEMENTS HURHURHUR" and the constant "want one of "insert specie here"!? SLOTS WILL FILL FAST" bulletins omg Dl

..haha sorry for ranting in your comments ^^; but I totally agree with you on your bulletin :c bout time someone spoke out.

And I must say c; very lovely work, I really like how you do eyes O: and your style is mighty cute. :3

11:21 Tue 9/22/2009
Hi there !
Brilliant artwork !! Ur a very skilled artist :)


21:09 Tue 9/15/2009
Hey Dark_Water!

you have some seriously wicked artwork! i dunno if this will sound weird but i really like how you draw lion muzzles...i love the style it creates.

22:27 Mon 8/24/2009
Hi Dark_Water you've got some great art! I love your species to hope to see more from you real soon!

02:29 Thu 8/13/2009
hi i made a pic of your adoptable embok or soemthing like that. sorry its late at night and i cant think right now. its just a head shot causeif i get him thats when i make a full body. email me back or something. thanks!

18:26 Fri 7/17/2009
wow your art is so awesome! im gonna add you to my favs ^_^

edit: aw you're so nice! thanks ^_^

20:57 Mon 7/13/2009
Hey Darkie!, so for my request (head ;D) can i have Ketin? thanx soooooooooooooooooo much!!!! ur art is improoving so much!!! it's just wonderful! ok cant wait! c ya soon! XD

13:39 Thu 5/21/2009
This Account Is Dead
Hey, you requested an icon on the trading tree awhile back and I chose you, but the actual offer's been taken down 'cos it was there so long. >.< Anyway, hope you like it! Icons

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