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Hey whats up evry1 and i wanted to give a big hello to evry1 out there or here looking on here! so i know i have had some new pictures latley and i worked very hard on them, so no rude comments!!!!

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00:15 Fri 4/23/2010
00:14 Fri 4/23/2010
00:14 Fri 4/23/2010
15:14 Fri 3/12/2010
15:13 Fri 3/12/2010
00:53 Sat 8/15/2009
01:26 Thu 8/13/2009
01:46 Fri 7/10/2009
01:45 Fri 7/10/2009

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05:25 Sun 4/18/2010
Haiya! :) All Your pics are really nice! :) And you chars are awsome! =D

08:27 Thu 8/28/2008

I'm sorry about my old comment, it made me look like I'm the kind of person who thinks I'm totally awesome.. But I'm not.. x'D

What I meant to say was;
You're amazing for your age, and with such a good start, you'll be top notch in no time.

22:51 Mon 8/18/2008
EMO!^^ how ya doing?
i am just fine! love da pics^^
*pounces on Emo Lions/Royal Blue*

hope u enjoy ur stay!^^ G'Bye^^

12:26 Sat 8/16/2008
miss burlesque
hey did you save the sketch from yesterday by any chance? I lost the one of the realistic emo lion I did *pouts*

14:41 Thu 8/14/2008
Detharc Requiem
Hey there! =3
Your first pictures are awesome already! I'm sure you'll have a good time here^.^
Wish I could upload some real media, but I have no scanner... D'8
Anyway, keep up the good work!^^


09:16 Sat 8/9/2008
Welcome to the archive! you got some nice art there, keep it up! =D

14:06 Fri 8/8/2008
Welcome to TLKFAA, Camalack ^^
Aww your first picture is really cute!
I hope you like it here ^o^

13:29 Fri 8/8/2008
That's a really nice sketch you did there! I look forward to seeing more artwork from you! Would you mind taking a look at my gallery? I would really appreciate it. Just click my name above this comment.

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