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Big thank you to Brian for granting me Auto-Approval!

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16:59 Mon 6/3/2013
Wolf 777
Hi Danae Wolf 777 here :-) you have great art i love it ;-) keep it up, if you want to come visit my gallery i would love to hear from you :-) from the Wolf with sunglasses ;-)
-Wolf 777.

16:00 Sat 1/14/2012
Request? ^^

15:29 Sun 9/11/2011
hi danae, saw your bulletin, now i dont really like request,but would you be interest in an art trade?? of corse,canine art trade X3 also nice art work :D keep up the awsomnes XD

Edit:so sorry to reply so late >3< lol i said canine trade cuz in your bulletine i saw canine requests X3 if you whant we can do a normal trade :D

20:43 Tue 9/6/2011
Hey I saw your bullitin would you design a canine for me :) maybe based on one of my chars? :) I love your art btw!

Edit : would you mind drawing me a wolf? they are my favorites :)

Edit: sure! Anything is fine thank you :)

10:06 Tue 9/6/2011
Hey there, I've also saw your bulletin. Could you design me an Ethiopian Wolf? ;) I would like it to be male and his colours would be natural. :) Anything else is up to you. ;)

16:49 Mon 9/5/2011
Hi! I saw your bulletin about character design requests and I'm a junkie for characters >.> You said you're only doing canines like E. wolves, but would you do a fennec?

edit: Nothing in particular. I always design characters the same way, so I want to give you complete freedom so I'll get a character that's new and different :D

13:03 Wed 12/29/2010
hi.. i got ty from you..but i cant get a pic up to draw him! can you help me out?

13:03 Tue 12/28/2010
I just noticed today that you let me adopt your lovely Wolf Character, Nava. And I thank you for that muchly!! :3
Just a couple questions, is Nava male or female? And what breed of wolf?
Again, THanks SO much! :)

12:38 Mon 12/27/2010
hi, i noticed you wanted to apply to adopt my character on the trading tree. as it says in my adoptions folder you don't need to draw them to get them and since you're the first to ask you can have that character.

02:20 Tue 12/7/2010
original owner wants Lyric!! She just changed her name! :D

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