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Jambo everbody, and welcome to the archive of TLK fanart by Damalia! *mystical and jubulent background music fills the air* Shoutouts to all my artist friends! Well, there's my lame opening. ^_^

First, A few little things to note:

1. I am not solely a Lion King Fan-artist. Therefore, most of the stuff I do never gets uploaded here. There is a link to my Elfwood page in my profile though, and you are welcome to go and see more there if you wish.

2. I can no longer accept random requests/commissions because, truthfully, I just can't finish them. If you'd just like a sketch, perhaps something can be arranged; email me.

3. Another issue that has come, unfortunately, to my attention is art theft. It is illegal to use my original artwork without my permission, but if you email me to ASK FOR PERMISSION, you'll find I'm really quite accepting.

I'd like to give shout-outs to all my Fanartist and Role-Playing friends, I love you guys!

Thanks for your understanding, and Enjoy!


Cya there!

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A little information about myself: I'm a high-school student attending school here in Minnesota, home of the biggest ball of twine, and all the "Yah, you bet'cha" goddness you could want; I've been living here since I was 5, though I was originally born in Maryland. I love animals; I'm a registered Greenpeace supporter and an all-around tree-hugging-nature-freak. (Hear me roar!) My other hobbies (besides art) include playing flute and piccolo (as well as many other types of wind-pipe), sleeping, and raising Chinchillas: fuzzy little South-American rodents with attitude problems. I have eight.

Please: I can't accept any commissions now (I would, but I just don't have time) but I will make suprise and/or thank you pictures as I see fit.

Come and See me at my new message board, the Leopard's Spot!
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