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Hi everyone!
I'm new to the archive! I love drawing, even though I'm not very good, and I love TLK! Very good combination! Thanks to Brian for creating this awesome website and everyone else for making it what it is. I hope I can contribute to TLKFAA just as much as everyone else.

XOXO, Dakarai

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16:50 Mon 7/26/2010
Hi Dakarai.My name is Chungu i just want to welcome you to the TLKFAA You do great art keep it up the good work and if you could check out my gallery if you want to So Welcome

Edit:Hi Dakarai i just want to ask if you want to do a art trade with me

Edit:I was thinking if we can draw one of each other character

20:28 Mon 7/19/2010
Woot! first comment! Good art! keep practicing and you will improve! garenteed! and if you have time check out my gallery!

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