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Mwah, well hello you curious beast! Welcome to my own personal profile, where you will learn my deepest darkest secrets.. or not.

07:13 Sat 10/23/2010
Hi there *waves*

i love your gallery and all you beautiful drawings :) i love them and you my friend have got great style:) *gives muffins*

Im Black claw :)

22:33 Sun 7/25/2010
hi there daanzi!!
i just wanted to tell you that i did not copy my fursona's design from yours, i promise, purely a coincindence with the dorsal stripe. but i just discovered youre awesomeness! <333
but just wanted to tell you that so you wouldnt be upset if you ever saw my page. ^^
i no like copiers, so i wouldnt do that to someone! cant beleive people do! >=O
anyways just saying to be nice. ^^
hope we can be friends!! <3

see? i promise. ^^

d'aaawww!! thanks! <33 i hope we meet in sketcher some day!! *favs ya* <3

21:08 Wed 7/7/2010
I got a quick question im new to the community what would i have to do to get a request from you?

12:44 Tue 5/11/2010
your art work is absolutely gorgeous. :)

14:55 Fri 3/26/2010
Hi Daanzi! *goes shy* I think your art is just amazing, and I'm going to fave you because I get excited when you upload! I adore your canon

18:05 Tue 3/16/2010
may we do a trade please? If not I understand

20:39 Tue 3/9/2010
Malyss Nightshadow
Hey Daanzi I was wondering if you are taking art trades? if so would you like to AT with me?

16:38 Mon 3/1/2010
Heylo Daanzi!!! 8D Its senrade from DA, but I prefer to be called Cyron (some retard on DA stole my name, so I had to go with Cyrons last name xDD) anyways, I'm soo sorry I never watched you back on here... *feels ashamed* Anyways, I love your art and stuff, and I'm watching you here as well, because your art is that wonderful 8D

19:23 Thu 2/19/2009

Just letting you know, I think she is copying from you O.o Amazing how nobody is noticing that

08:52 Sat 10/11/2008
hey Daanzi. :D

okey, why do I have you in my favourites and never commented? Geez, I'm such an idiot. D: just wanted to say, you were an artist I've admired for a long time - I adore your work, your style is lovely, and I'm in awe of your colouring. XD keep it up girl, you rule. <333

~ wolfeh xx

why hello again. xD
I just noticed, you seem to be accepting art-trades, and was wondering if maybe you'd like to trade with me :3 that is, if you aren't too busy. If not I don't mind. Was just wondering. =^-^=

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