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My real name is Rachel, but I don't like to use my real name in the web,so I use Dolfiy as my nickname, because I like dolphins and orcas :3.

Anyway,I'm still 13 years old(4 January 1998),so I'm not as old as you think.

I prefered to draw animals than human,because I'm not good at drawing humans, but I'm good at drawing animals such as wolf,cats,etc...but,I want to try to draw another things..maybe you can give me a suggestion...because sometimes I'm too confused what to draw..

Like most animal cartoon artists, I do have a few fursonas (animal characters that are meant to represent myself). xD If I have enough fursonas/Oc's , maybe I'm going to start to make web-comics/story about them..

Anyway, I'm a very shy person, plegmatic , melancholist and sometimes avoid some people, but don't worry.... I want to befriended by all people ( sorry for my bad english)
and I treat my watchers as my friends ( watchers=friends)

so..I'm really appreciate who watch me

Actually,I have three styles that I usualy use, so don't be confused with it ok?

Anyway,If there is someone who steal my art please tell me or just report it..
I really appreaciate it...

Another account that I have :
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