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Cute wolfie girl

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Say welcome back everyone! I am now a college student and i live in kansas lol
i will be working on some new concepts for , what i think, should be the next generation lionking!

" Meticulous planning, tenacity spanning.
decades of denial,is simply why I'll..
Be king undisputed, Respected ,saluted,
and seen for the wonder I am. yes my teeth and ambitions are bared,
Be prepared!"

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welcome to my page, I'm Imoen and I love to draw...and sing but thats beside the point. I love the lion king so much my room was the lion king theme till i moved in '01 and I'm turning 18 this dec, GO ME! anyways I like people who are open minded and either willing to teach or learn something new i now have two really good friends on here Biava and Brego. we've done art trades and such but their nice. well and i'm open for art trades anytime after the 30th. well more about me um... i like anime, wolves, art ,singing, lion king, ligers. so yeah buddy thats about it.

Guess what I"M BACK
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