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Cross Fire

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<p> Hey guys! Welcome to my page
<p> Hey if anyone wants a fursona just let me know! I love designing chars and would like to help! Just send me an email of the requirements.</p>

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Well I'm just a girl that loves the Lion King. I've been a fan ever since I was 3!
I play college basketball and love art!!
I love to have fun and am soooo excited that this place loves Lion King as much as I do, and I can meet other Artists that like the same kind of art that I do!

-Lions! Lions! Lions! (and any other big cats too!!! :)
-Call me crazy but I love the winter!
-Sonic the Hedgehog!
-Star Wars the Clone wars!

Thanks to all who love the Lion King and have put the effort in to make this place! Keep drawing, no matter what! That's the only way to get better!
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