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Heyy ^^ I'm Crisis, but you can just call me Cris. My real name's Travis or "Trav" and I'm fourteen, about to turn fifteen in July. My friends would describe me as fun, crazy, silly, and a bit slow when it comes to jokes or puns. I would say I'm pretty outgoing and slightly negative-minded and kind of cocky. I like to go fishing with my dad and to hang out with my friends Dianna, Stacey, Kyle, Nikki, Jeremy, and my boyfriend, Chris. So yeah I'm gay and proud :)

Dianna is my little blondie. She's really funny and awesome but I think she's kind of weird because she's like... obsessed with mine and Chris's relationship. She loves animes like Rurouni Kenshin and Bleach and has a tabby cat named Aleshia.

Stacey is kind of an on and off friend of mine. He thinks I'm weird for being gay but accepts it anyways and hangs out with my and my friends, but acts like he's too cool for us around his own friends. He hates it when I call him "Stace".

Kyle is... inapproptiate. He always says or does the wrong things at the wrong time and has really bad luck. I think it's funny :) But other than that he's really cool and funny. I used to like him but then he found out and that ruined our friendship... and then I stopped liking him and now we're best friends again :D

Nikki is my forever-friend because I've known her since first grade. We've gone to the same schools all our lives and have been in all the same classes. She's very smart, strong, and is really popular with the guys. It's almost comical how at least three guys a day comment on her looks or how she smells so good. lmao X)

Jeremy claims he doesn't like me but yet he still hangs out with me all the time. So I guess that makes him my friend? (oww I cracked my neck hard when I typed that.. wtf?!) My little sister Jamie likes him a lot and Jeremy says she has cooties to annoy her. It's relly hilarious :O

Chris's actual name is Christopher but we call him Chris. I started to like him last year and Nikki, Stacey, and Kyle dared me to tell him so I did, and it turned out he'd been eyeing me for a while to and was bi. So we started going out and now here we arreee :D A happy couple XD

My favorite movie is Child's Play and my favorite book is the Goosebumps series. That 70's Show, American Idol, and Degrassi are the three best shows EVERR(I'm so happy Lee DeWyze won American Idol! :O) ! I like Justin Bieber's, Kris Allen's, and Taylor Swift's music, but my two top songs are Airplanes by B.o.B ft. Eminem and Hayley Williams and Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert who is so hot by the way X3

I also watch a little bit of Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist but not enough to really get into them. Hidan and Deidara from Naruto and Envy and Edward Elric from FMA are AWESOME characters.

Sooo yeah I'm really easy to get along with and I'm silly and random :)
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