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Hey Howdy Hey!!!

Well here I am! I wanna thank everyone for such a big response as soon as I joined here!! I really can't believe how lovely everyone is here!! Big Hugs to everyone who has left me some feedback and to the people who havent!! What the heck I'm a loving person!!

I really feel overwhelmed by the amount of attention I've gotten in a matter of days! Thanks to everyone!! It's nice to feel appreciated!! ^_~

To anyone that doesn't know - Respect the frog!!! Or Ernie will have you ¬¬ (Ernie is my red eyed treefrog character!! You can find him on my DeviantArt page somewheres... ) Shame less plugging!!

Okay so yea! Thanks again and I will upload something soon! i got something next to me on the floor I gotta scan and colour... but it's late here in sunny england so i gotta go to bed!!!

God bless everyone!! And remember, a roar speaks MUCH louder than words!!! XP

Cowgirl Em

Ah yes and one other thing before I forget! This is MY art! XP please don't take it and use it elsewhere without my permission!! Or I'll send the monkeys with stones round.... I could have monkeys. So yeah, all Art is (c) to ME! And The Lion King is (c) Disney... let's not forget that!!! XDDD

Respect the Frog.

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Howdy Y'all!

Well it's been a good few years since my last visit here! I've been meaning to check back here for a while but forgot my password and recently realised I had changed my e-mail address too! Whoops!

So here I am, taking up more valuable webspace with my antics! :3
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