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hi! im cournaando a.k.a ~core~ the pictures you see at the top of the page are me, and i didnt adjust them on ps! *proud* CX my best tlkfaa friend is Amberjf! *props* to AMBS!!! hehe, well, IM THE artist that loves to coment so.. I MIGHT COMMENT ON YOUR ART lol thats a good thig ;)

Chow/ Peace!

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Hi, my name is Courtney< A.K.A Cournaando. A.K.A Core(AmberJf gave me that nick name: Core, Love IT!!!...> Before i joinned tlkfaa
i would spend my spare time looking at the art people did, for example: JakiChan, AmberJf, Not_quite_normal,Tailbrush, etc....
then one day i though to myself,< Hey, Why don't i join too! so i went to my room sat on my sofa and started to draw, i drew my first lion's( Lexyss,Neo,Thandy) and decided i would go on with this for EVER! i adore doing this in class:) it bugs my teachers alot,lol. my friend's think im weird, and is say there dumb, and dumb they are to hink that someones hoby is stupid. during this hot summer, i continued to draw, by pencil of course! unfortunetly, i only have access to an computerized drwing board only once a month, and don't really like spending the time im suppost to spend wuth my mom on the computer! i know... i only see Mum once a month, i've been seeing her once a month for 10 years now :( anyway... i am a healthy, coutchpotato! XD and i love IT! i always love getting emails! so im looking foward to your emailing guys!!!
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