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hi! im cournaando a.k.a ~core~ the pictures you see at the top of the page are me, and i didnt adjust them on ps! *proud* CX my best tlkfaa friend is Amberjf! *props* to AMBS!!! hehe, well, IM THE artist that loves to coment so.. I MIGHT COMMENT ON YOUR ART lol thats a good thig ;)

Chow/ Peace!

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Hi, my name is Courtney< A.K.A Cournaando. A.K.A Core(AmberJf gave me that nick name: Core, Love IT!!!...> Before i joinned tlkfaa
i would spend my spare time looking at the art people did, for example: JakiChan, AmberJf, Not_quite_normal,Tailbrush, etc....
then one day i though to myself,< Hey, Why don't i join too! so i went to my room sat on my sofa and started to draw, i drew my first lion's( Lexyss,Neo,Thandy) and decided i would go on with this for EVER! i adore doing this in class:) it bugs my teachers alot,lol. my friend's think im weird, and is say there dumb, and dumb they are to hink that someones hoby is stupid. during this hot summer, i continued to draw, by pencil of course! unfortunetly, i only have access to an computerized drwing board only once a month, and don't really like spending the time im suppost to spend wuth my mom on the computer! i know... i only see Mum once a month, i've been seeing her once a month for 10 years now :( anyway... i am a healthy, coutchpotato! XD and i love IT! i always love getting emails! so im looking foward to your emailing guys!!!

Dec. 17, 2011
Please!-the kitten,-look! is he cute? Ty! I may base him on a cat at home named Rom(girl, but he is he maybe)

Aug. 9, 2011
Hi! And welcome to the archive! Hope you like it here Cournaando! Your art is very nice! Your skilled with anatomy, facial features, and character designs, but be careful cause some of your pics are a bit small and hard to see.

Edit: you deleted some of your other pics?? Why?
Edit: oh, okay. Good! They're not gone for good! I got worried there! O.o

Aug. 7, 2011
Awesome gallery ;) I'm gonna add you to my favorite artist...can you add me too? ;)

BTW: you don't have to e-mail people to talk to them you can respond back to their comments...It's easier that way ;)

edit: OMGZ! there are so many rude people on this site...It's good to see some one who is kind like u! ;)

June 5, 2011
Welcome to the archive, Cournaando!
Nice first pictures you have there in your gallery! Keep it up ^^

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