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<h3><center><p><b><a href="">DeviantART Archive</a></p></b>(updated often. "often" is relative.)</center></u></h3>
<center>My folder structure is as thus.</center>

-<b>Main folder</b> <i>Canon art goes here.</i>

---<b>Noncanon</b> <i>General not-canon things go here.</i>

-----<b>Requests and co</b> <i>Trades, requests and such are in here. Oh noes!</i>

---<b>Recycling bin</b> <i>Sketches, unfinished things, and stuff I don't like will be found here.</i>

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All wrongs reserved, all rights distributed - please don't sue me.

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I started uploading here around March '03, followed by infrequent activity. I deleted everything sometime around late '03. A while later (July '04), I decided to entertain the thought again, and uploaded a few things. After showing an extremely sporadic interest (this "second wave" of FA.LKing only gathered 35 pictures) I tapered off around April-May '05. Now it appears, in June '06, I'm having another go. Notice a pattern?

DeviantART is probably better for more varied art.
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