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7/3/11 =

long time no see lol. well i have been busy with work and snakes. my computer finally died and i got a new one so when i buy a new tablet i will up load more art.

A lot of my characters are considered off topic so they are here at my DA account:

NEWS: sorry yall if i adopted what i classify as off topic and delete them on the original character on here. its because they are on DA that's all, sorry yall. I refuse to be too off topic here.


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welcome to my description. I am 23 years old. I have friends and an awesome grandma that keep me from uploading XD. I don't upload a lot but i try to get on really once a week or when i have time. i loved the lion king since it came out. if y'all have any questions for me just message me and i will answer. thanks


aim: drawingspirit06

yahoo: runninghorsespirit


all are always on ^^ anyways off doing what i usually do, DRAW!
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