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Chocolate Cheese

Hey guys XD i got a new iphone so now i can read your comments were ever i go

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I LOVE LIONS SO MUCH espacially lion king which I watch over and over again

11:46 Tue 12/15/2009
Hiya, and thanks for the comment you sent me a few months ago! I've been busy and didn't see it until now.
Cool art here, I like your style :)

21:14 Fri 10/9/2009
Thank you so much for the comment ^^ I didn't know you could acctually do that, type from your iphone I mean XD. Coolish!

15:09 Sun 9/27/2009
wow talent with a t keep on drawing !!!(oh and if you are replying to this message plez reply in my user comments not this comment thanx because i pcs being wierd and not letting me see user comments i have left on others site any way thanx

11:29 Sun 9/27/2009
woaaahh!!!!! OMG You just joined and have 18 ics up?! Your off to a good start and i have a feeling you will be very popular!
Have fun here!

04:52 Sat 9/26/2009
Hiho=] Your arts are great! You have big talent:) Can't wait to see more:D

I hope you'll find a lot of friends:)

02:49 Sat 9/26/2009
Welcome to TLKFAA! Cant believe that with all these great art pieces you have, no one commented yet!

I think all you art works are nice, keep up the good work!

Hope to see more fantastic art pieces from you =D

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