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Hiya I'm Paige and over here to the right is my fursona Chipo. :D I like to think as myself as a kind and friendly person. The way I write and the way a talk are really different. In the real world, I'm really shy and socially awkward, but when I write (type) It's like a whole other person. I like to think of this person as my inner artist, and that's kind of what Chipo is. She personifies my talent in drawing and the louder person i really wish i could be on the outside. I named her chipo because
1.Chipo means gift in swahili, which goes along with the whole personified talent thing
2. I think it's a cute name <3
3. it has the word chip in it which leads to potato chips and best of all chocolate chip cookies :D

Thank you for reading
-Chipo & Paige
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