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I hope you'll enjoy your visit here in my humble part of this great archive.
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<center><b>-[June 8. 2013]-</b></center>
I think I'm back in the game again. Can't think of anything but to draw and finish up what ive already started. Looking forward to know you all, and to get into all the new stuff on this archive!

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<center><b>-[October 5. 2011]-</b></center>
Visit <a href=""; target="_blank">my blog</a> if you want to know anything about me.</div>
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<center><b>-[September 26. 2011]-</b></center>
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Thinking of the time when joining tlkfaa was just a thought or a dream back in 2004. I achieved the dream of learning to draw lions, but I left in 2007, since then I have almost not drawn anything. I miss this community, but I guess it will never be the same as when I was 13 years old. Never the less, I am back, and you will be spanned with new drawings of lions as soon as possible.

Some of you might know me as the "Catta" who changed into "Jehennah". I'm old Catta again, and this time I'll never change.</div></span></div>

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Newest Pictures:

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12:15 Wed 6/5/2013
16:34 Tue 11/8/2011
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10:21 Tue 11/8/2011
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Joined Sep 11, 2004
First Upload Jun 25, 2007
Latest Upload Jun 10, 2013
Age/Birthday Feb 6, 1991 (age 28)
Gender Female
Location Norway
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Accepting Requests or Commissions No
I am a girl at age 24. I joined TLKFAA some time back in 2004, and I changed my name from "Catta" to "Jehennah" and deleted my gallery some time in 2006. After I changed my name I left in 2007, and I came back in 2009 to say hi, but nothing was like before. I had nothing. I started from skratch, but I forgot to continue from there. My gallery was practically empty.

Now, 2011, it's seven (7) years ago since I first started drawing lions. I haven't drawn much since 2006, and I thought that starting to draw lions again would work as a kickstart into a longlasting -wanting-to-draw- mood. And, I have honestly missed this awesome community.

Update: popping by and its 2015!!
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