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Joined Before Feb 18 1999
First Upload May 15, 2001
Latest Upload May 30, 2001
Location In front of my computer, actually. Which is in Southern California.
Occupation Drawing keeps me occupied, though technically I am a high school student.
IM Contact
AIM lurkerbabe42
Website please e-mail me for inform...
Accepting Requests or Commissions No
So. Me.
I like to draw. And write. I am a cat of many moods- and many obsessions.
I've always liked the Lion King style, but never really thought about drawing it, until somebody *cough Clairebear cough* decided to sign up, and bug me to sign up until I did. So here I am. I hope you're happy, "Shoomy." So if you don't like my art, blame her. ^_^
*note* Got a new temporary e-mail address. So, I'll do art trades now...
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