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I suppose you want to know more about me (yeah, that's why there is that cool link to "artist's profile). Well, I'm 15-years old girl from Finland (I have born 23.07.1995). And because I live in Finland, english is not my mother language (or 2nd one either), my grammar is not really good and I make a lot mistakes while I write. But hope you'll still understand what I want to say :''D

I started to draw lions (and other big cats) in June 2010, three months ago, so that means I'm nothing but a newbie.
I have always been interested about lions, and when I was younger I read a lot of books about big cats and lions (and because Leo is my zodiac-sign I have always "knew" that animal).

Umm... I'm little bit shy URL (unlike IRL wich is pretty funny), but I can still be quite talkative. Especially if we talk about Kingdom Hearts.

I started to draw "seriously" and showed my artwork to whole work on December 2007. First pictures were canines and I draw them a lot nowadays, too, but I wanted to change subject and fell in love with big cats.
And yeah, now I'm here.
This place have inspired me to improve more and I also had more courage when I saw that so many - and so taltented - artist likes felines C:
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