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Please keep The Lion King archive just what it's title suggests, Lion King fanart.
Remember, this isn't only just a place to store files it is also a community. :3

Update 10/28/03
Just added some "doddle icons" to the top of the page. But it appears I missed on. o.O These were originally an entire 8 1/2 X 11 size paper each, done in ball point pen as I was going for a messy, unfinished look. Unfortunately, resizing lost all the undersketching. *sob* I actually prefer sketchy doodles over any amount of finished photoshop work, but then again I'm weird. Also updated is my profile commenting. Sorry no big art at the moment.

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I think it's about time I've updated this thing, I've had the same message since I joined. *blush*

Drawing fan art has always been a satisfying hobby for myself, albeit a childish one. I never had the aspiration to take art in an overt serious nature. If you notice my drawings are simple or half-arsed which ever colorful way you would like to put it. ;) I don't shoot for greatness in anything I do, I just try to make it fun, cute, or sweet for both the viewer to enjoy and also myself.
Its very rare these days that I do anything much more than a generic smiley lion head floating on a white background.

As for myself, I'm currently closing in at age 21, although I don't act much like it, sadly look much like the little icon doodle, and work as a vendor. There is a strange interstore Romeo and Juliet starring myself, often a Sony rep, and a mutual lust for the "Xbox guy." ;) Oh, the tearful gantor of video gaming equipment. Will PS2 ever get along with Microsoft so we can live happily ever after?
In the near future, I hope to build up enough courage and funds for a college education. I would like to work somewhere in the art community, but not exactly as an artist myself. I don't really know what that would consist of yet. o.O

I don't draw very often, so I'm sorry to turn down any requests or trades. I love doing them (my gift picture section here is my pride and joy!) but I just don't have the time to keep up with them. :*(

As a closing, I would also like to say that above all I cherish originality in everyone's work. I'm far from being perfect or really in a place to lecture others, but re-drawing, copying, photoshopping, and just plain stealing images is wrong - not to mention ilegal.
Even if you think your own picture is the ugliest thing in the world, and that you can never do any better, you may be shocked to learn we all feel that way about our work. No matter what level you are at. No one is born with a pencil at hand, so keep honing on your skills and one day it will pay off. Just drawing lines as you see them out of a coloring book will not teach you, the same way you can't learn how to ride a bike by watching someone else do it. ;) You have to try it on your own, and with enough practice and persistance it will pay in time. I guarantee it. :D

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