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Welcome to the domain of... ME
Accepting requests/trades... I may not be the expert at drawing whatever you want to see, but i promis to try...

Thankies to all who drew me piccies, I love them all *huggles Piccies*
Still anxious for trades and requests or whatnot, so, email, message, whatever me ^_^

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Hi, I'm Raymond E. Benninger III,
I love to draw, and I am practicing very often now. My true love and mate Kristyn Lioness has been helping me learn to draw better.

I am willing to do trades or requests.... I prefer trades though ;)

My style and tools are changing by the day, so be prepared to see changes in the quality of what I am uploading ^__^

I hope you enjoy what you see here, I am friendly, and don't mind people emailing or IM-ing me anytime I'm around.
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