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Requests: Closed
Trades: Open
Commissions: Open

<u>Prices for commissions:</u><br><br>

<u>Sketch:</u> $2
$1 for each additional characters
<u>Inked:</u> $4
$2 for each additional characters
<u>Flat color w/ simple background:</u> $6
$3 for each additional characters
<u>shaded w/ simple background:</u> $8
$4 for each additional characters
<u>Finished picture:</u> $10
$5 for each additional characters

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21:55 Fri 5/21/2010
21:53 Fri 5/21/2010
21:52 Fri 5/21/2010
21:50 Fri 5/21/2010

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Joined Sep 13, 2006
First Upload Jan 26, 2010
Latest Upload Dec 11, 2010
Age/Birthday Sep 14, 1991 (age 27)
Gender Female
Location Pennsylavina
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Accepting Requests or Commissions No
Hey there, my name is Corinne or Cori for short. Well, for the most part im pretty quiet and shy but im very friendly. i dont mind helping others out or just chatting and i like making new friends. Even though i like meeting new people, it can take me a while to trust people but once i do, im pretty open. I can be a bit lazy and a couch potato. for the most part im a pretty organized person. I like to keep myself and my stuff clean and i guess i can be a little bit of a neat freak.
Likes: Drawing, animation, The Lion King, plushies, sleeping, Kingdom Hearts, felines, Harry Potter, junk food, WoW, fursuiting, Warriors, butterflies, Disney, purple, comedy movies, iPhones, hugs
Dislikes: Spiders, rude people, sports, scary movies, babies/little kids, makeup
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