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My poem:<a href="">"Ode to the archives"</a>
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<p>I am a grown woman now. Married. Old. Grad student. No kids yet. But I am pretty darn active on DA: <a href="">labruyere</a>;, and I keep a Wordpress blog: <a href="">Down from Parnassus</a>. <br>I am much more of a literary artist than a visual one, but I blame that on lack of time to sketch, and lack of any sort of photoshop or photo editing program. <br>But I will always check back here on TLKFAA and reminisce. I can't believe I joined twelve years ago. TWELVE. Long live TLKFAA.

Note: Thanks to Truro for my Most Popluar pics icon, Kazamidori for my "original characters" icon, Miaor for my trades/requests icon, and Ges for my comments icon!!!
<i><font color="teal"><u>222</u></font></i> wonderful people have me on their faves lists! Thanks a bunch! And thanks to everyone who left me a comment or put one o' my pics in their faves! *hugglesquish*
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<p>My votes for AotM: Leelakin, Melo, Droemar, Chaya, Takara, Charismatic/Navina, Azerane, Kasei Tomodatchi, Toasty, KL/Mage.</font>
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Joined Oct 17, 2003
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Age/Birthday Apr 26, 1988 (age 31)
Gender Female
Location The US of A!!!
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Hmm. I thought it was about time I updated this here. The other info was going stale. Well! I am Bruyère, which is French for my real name. But people seem to prefer calling me Bru, though I can't imagine why. *wink*

I didn't have any drawing talent until year 2002. In fact, I hated drawing before then. But then I saw Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and wanted to draw horses. So I picked up a pen one day and lo! You could at least tell it was equine when you looked at it. After months of learning to draw from trial and error, I wanted to make myself a horse website. Meanwhile, I started uploading art at the old Spirit fan art site. Boy, was that art bad! Oof, I've come a long way, if I may say so. Anywho, I found links on that site to a place called The Lion King Fan Art Archive. So I looked around. After several months of spending hours oggling the works of artists such as Tani da Real, Charismatic, Toasty, Jamala, Kelt, Tigrin, Evana, Snowy, Dolphy, Domino, Hibbary, Balaa, Espeon, Nightshade, and my favorite, Banzai, I joined as a user, and left comments left, right, and sideways. After awhile of that, I began drawing lions. When I had finished and published my website, I promptly joined TLKFAA with 8 rather pathetic pics. At least, that's how they seem NOW. But I am honored to be a part of this awesome place, with so many friends and fans and comments, like I never dreamed! Thanks to all of you! And even though I'll be slowly uploading less than before because of things in life, like getting a job, highschool, etc, I'm hoping to continue to upload some for a long time.

You wanna know more? Well, I can tell you some facts about me: I love horses to bits, I love Christian rock/rap music and CCM. I love to read. I always have a book I'm working on reading. I want to be a published author, too. I'm homeschooled, and part time private schooled for those extra credits that are hard to get at home. I am a Christian, and I'm proud of it. I'm a Jesus Freak! I am so grateful to God for the talent He's given me, and also so thankful to Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins! Thanks for being my savior and best friend. ^^ And if you, reader, would like to know more about what it means to be a Christian, and how you can become one, just email me or drop me a comment! I promise I'll get back to you.

About the art: I use a random pencil on an 11x81/2 IN. sketchbook. I have a triangular shaped eraser, and also a papermate eraser stick for precision erasing. I have a Visioneer Paperport3100b scanner. I use PSP5 and Photoshop7 for coloring. I have a steel blue Wacom tablet, which I use occasionally. All my art is self-taught; I've had only one art class in my life, and that was before I had any raw talent, and I hated that class so much, because I stank. So that's why my shading/anatomy/poses/expressions are all pathetic. But hey, I improve every year! Yay for the Lion King! And TLK2 somewhat. but not TLK1 1/2. Bah. Yeah. I guess that's good enough. Tired of reading? Good, I'm tired of typing. XD

This is old info, kept for nostalgia's sake, because it was what I typed when I first joined (lol)so don't actually pay attention to what it says:
To make room in my comments box, I moved the important info that was there, to here. Please read, if you have the time.
1. I draw horses. Been doing so for over a year, and so I'm better at drawing them than I am at lions, which I've only been drawing for a few months. However, this is a Lion King fan art archive, and so the only horse pictures I put here
be art for other peoples. Like art trades or surprises. However, I have a website, so if you're a horse lover, horse artist, or just want to see the rest of my art, click the button below.
Sign my guestbook, submit things, have fun!

2.I do accept trades. But I'd kinda like to do a horse for my half, because my lions aren't worthy of giving to other
people. But if you're stingy about off-topic too, we can do the trade through my website instead of here. If you have a horse char I can draw, I'd love to! Let me know.

3. A few of my pics are referenced. But don't get mad, 'cuz I'm still learning. I will give credit to the Disney people from whose art I referenced. K?

4. Banzai is the coolest artist. I was so happy when she got AOTM! If you haven't seen her art, do it now. I mean it! *huggles Banzai*

K, thanx a lot to anyone who took the time to read all that. *whew* It was a lot to type. Anywho, have fun looking at my art, even if it ain't good! ;P

gifs for me! Thanks Miaor, Ges, Kaz, Efi Wild, Nanuk, MagicalHorseCatcher, Lil' Kitt-nm MagicalHorseCatcher, and Truro the Lost!








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