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On that note, I don't have the lists of characters, or really even who got what from my contest a while back ^ ^' but if you still want it, drop me a line.


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Song : Don't Look Back Again ~W.A.G. (Saiyuki Reload)
Contents: Artork by Kazuya Minekura (<3) from Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload,Saiyuki Gaiden, Wild Adapter, Araiso executive commite, Bus Gamers, Honney Comb

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After a couple months of hybernation i'm decding to pull myself out my slump and return to my true love of drawing! Currently accepting requests and trades^_^. Just E-Mail me at i have found hardly check my hotmail.

I'm Just your average anime loving high school girl with an insane love of the lionking. Normally happy and carefree i love alost everyone....and to those of you that i hate you know who you are. You know that shadow outside your window at night? that's me coming for u. heh heh heh. don't worry, i'm more sane than i sound. ^_^

Will be updating again soon hopefully.
~~~~Ja Ne
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