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Moved back to Zentina!

13:12 Thu 10/29/2015
happy birthday :3

21:10 Fri 4/4/2014
Hi there Brie, haven't really talked to you yet. But I was wondering if you were up for doing an art trade with me?

05:05 Thu 3/21/2013
Hi do you do trades or requests? :)

12:05 Thu 11/1/2012
happy birthday :3

edit: youre welcome <3 im so glad youre still around here! i didnt expect a reply ^^

I really love your work here, its beautiful :]

10:51 Sat 7/28/2012
Let me be one of the first to say welcome back :) if you are ever interested in doing a trade or a collab or anything don't be afraid to ask :)

Edit: awesome if you wanna draw any of my charities for a trade or collab :) just tell me why u want me to do :p

21:00 Wed 7/25/2012
Welcome back, but how come you aren't using your old account? Anyhow, you have improved :DDDD

07:00 Wed 7/25/2012
I checked out your old profile. Did you forget your password of something? Your amazing!! Just think of this as an extension of your other gallery.

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