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Breaker Showdown

Welcome to my little slice of heaven! I wish to extend my arms with happiness and hope you take a load off and stay awhile! Now, time to go back to my spot under the tree and take a nap! XD

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Joined Feb 21, 2012
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Age/Birthday May 21, 1997 (age 21)
Gender Female
Location Indiana
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Name: Breaker Showdown
Likes: Friends
transformers: Decepticons; Megatron(Transformers Prime version), Starscream(TFP version), Soundwave(TFP version), Knockout(TFP version)... Autobots; Optimus(Real Life TF version), Ratchet(TFP version), Ironhide (RLTF version), and BUMBLEBEE(in any version!)!!!!!!
small dark spaces
star wars
The Lion King(obviously XD)
Shia Labeouf(what can i say? He's SMEXY!!!)
fear(from others and myself)
scaring the crap outta people XD

DISLikes: brother
horror movies
sparkling vampires
abusive people
sob stories

Question: Why do I find myself so attracted to bad guys?
Answer: Because (in my case) i find a sense of comfort in knowing someone (or something) is there to control me, always there to need me to do something, and (in my twisted mind) to want me...! AUGH! EVIL HAND TYPE STUFF I DONT WANT PEOPLE READING!!! but for some reason, i feel like I can trust you guys enough to not judge me..

Also, I would like to say that, without The Lion King... I would NOT be alive... literally. The Lion King was playing in theaters when my dad decided to ask my mom on a date, in which they went to see TLK... Then, on Sept 9th, 1997, they tied the knot... and 8 months later (i say 8 because i was supposed to be born in june) I came to reality... So I owe my LIFE to TLK...
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