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Blue Sapphire

I post art here sometimes :) I love this community I wish I drew enough to be more of a part of it.

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Blue Sapphire

I started drawing back in 6th grade (Junior high), mostly with dragons, anime, and other animals. I have always loved the Lion King but it was not until my 9th grade year in high school that I became completely fascinated with it and all of the artwork that comes with it. I started following a lot of amazing artist on Deviantart and upon doing so stumbled on to this wonderful site. I still mostly post my art on deviantart but I love this community and all of the wonderful people in it :) I got almost all my inspiration from this site and I continue to draw more and more in hopes that ill improve..

I'm back ^^

Any more of my art can be found at

June 20, 2006
Im back!! *breathes in the fresh air* Ah, the smell of paper brings it al back. THis is Cyron, and just wanted to say im here, and btw.. Awsome Art

May 29, 2006
A shadow in shadows
i like your characters eyes. I read your post on the board. I would loove to help but i really am no better. But I'd love 2 be a friend. Possibly you could teach me hw to make better eyes. lol -A.S.I.S

March 25, 2006
Echo Queen
cool pics

March 22, 2006
hey, cute art! keep it up.

March 22, 2006
Hi, you got some great art there!!! =3

March 22, 2006
Hi there, and welcome to the TLKFAA! =3
You have awesome style and really nice sketching work! I like much =D
I hope that you'll have great time here and you'll make lots of friends ^-^ - by the way, you have new fan ;D
- you can visit in my place any time you like =) -

Jan. 26, 2006
Very cute first picture! Welcome to the archive! :D

Jan. 26, 2006
Hey! :D Nice pic *^^* I think you're good artist ;)

Jan. 24, 2006


Jan. 24, 2006
Aeryn Storm
Hello! You have really cool first pic! Of course I want to see more from you!

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