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My name's Rebekah with an imagination.

Fav movies: All of the Disney animated moveis. Favorite classic is Lady and the Tramp. Edward Scissorhands (so hot and cute) My girl, and practically any other movie.

Sumthing about me: random, hyper at times (makes the best fun) luvs U2, Fall Out Boys, Captain Jack, Luther, and PINK, and anything RB and hip hop and Warrior Cats!

Fave Animal: MONKIES!!!

Fave Animated Background Designs: The Lion King, Lilo and Stitch, Bambi, Snow White, Brother Bear, and The Secret of the Nimh.

Pets: a hyper-bug-eating-pekepoogi-Tucker :)

15:32 Fri 1/19/2007
Whoa, that's some really good art you have! ^^ Feel free to visit me some time. ^.-

10:30 Sat 10/14/2006
oooh hello!! 8333 awesome cute art do you have here!!! 83333 veri nice!! 8DD keep it up that awesome work x33 *hugsandglomps*

-maqqie ^^

17:20 Sat 9/30/2006
yeah, really! i'll agree with Ereska! you're pretty good! swing by my site sometime if you want! I love you're characters! I guess you're pretty new, though. do you like the warriors SAGA by Erin Hunter? please respond, and, if so, I LUV YOU!!! haha, just kidding! anyway, i'll spread word about you! you'll have more comments in no time! good luck!
Sure, any time! hey, if there's anything you want to improve on and you like my style, ask me for some help, i'll be happy to!

YOU KNOW ITALIAN!!!!???? I'm just learning it, and i can FINALLY talk to someone with it! YAY

11:37 Wed 9/13/2006
No comments yet? I can't see why. Your art is so cute. Keep it up!

I know what you mean. I also use pencils to colour my lineart. Sometimes it's really frustrating.

11:37 Tue 9/5/2006
cool art...

whiteclaw told me about ur art. hehe i like it

09:40 Mon 9/4/2006
lol, thats funny, see my firend Whiteclaw recomended you to me to go visit, but you already won one of my contest! ^_^ really nice stuff to, scence your pretty new i'll help you out as best as i can, but im not an expert on every thing though, i havent been here very long either! the whole summer, thats how long about!^_^

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